Saturday, 27 June 2009

Glass Painted Mobile

My Second project this week using items from Free Craft Downloads

Using the 2nd set of letters added this week I decided to make a Mobile for My Daughter The letters are great and also wanted to show that you can do other things with them as well as use them on cards.

I printed out the sheets with the letters on I needed for her name
I used some thick acetate, put it over the letters and used black outliner to outline I managed to fit all 5 letters on the one sheet of acetate.
After outlining the letters I left them to dry.

I then used my glass paints to paint them, I left them to dry for around 10 mins before I added some coloured flower gems to the letters I then left the letters to dry for a few hours

When they were dry I turned them over and stuck some more flower gems on the other side in the same places as the ones on the previous side I stuck them with clear glass paint

I used one of the kinetic type mobiles, when they were dry I cut out the letters and I pierced a small hole through the top of them and fixed them on to the mobile

After I had fixed the letters on I liked it but even with the gems set in the paint I thought the mobile itself seemed a bit plain
I decided to use some peel off butterflies

I put them on some thinner acetate and glass painted them when they were dry I turned them over and stuck the same type of peel off on the reverse to neaten it up
When the peel off butterflies were dry I cut them out of the acetate, bent the wings slightly and stuck them with silicone on to the mobile

Here in this picture you will see them on the mobile I took the picture of it flat as when I had it hanging with the slight movement from it the picture kept blurring (Photography is not one of my strong points )