Thursday, 11 December 2008

More Cards

Made with Papers from Free Craft Downloads

While I am here I thought I'd also add a couple more cards I've made - These were made using some of the latest designs added to the site

This first card has to be one of my all time favourites As soon as I saw the decoupage design I thought it was so cute and had to make a card using it The Cat design just has that "something" about it

Such a "Cheeky - Cat's got the Cream Grin"

The papers used were
Backing Paper 2cats_002_w
Decoupage Design 2cats_decoupage(2)
And just a piece of Black card I cut out a wavy edged heart shape and edged with gold pen
And added a "Thinking of you" peel off
The Whiskers were quite fiddly to cut out so I cut them off and used some black cotton glued to the underside of the top layer - they look more realistic

The second card I'm adding here is a Valentine card using one of the Valentine Backing Papers

The Backing Paper used is valentine016_ls
I have Outlined a design on acetate and Glass Painted it
"Be My Valentine" has also been outlined
I edged the card with a gold peel off and used sakura gelly roll pens in red and green to colour in the "holes" in the peel off
I chose not to paint in the background on the Glass Painted design as I wanted the Backing Paper to show through it

The Glass Paints I like to use are Rainbow Glass ones

The Calendar

We did it!
The Calendar for Sunday School - I thought I would show you the finished one that Megan made
As I said we only had half an hour to complete these from start to finish and we managed it in 25 minutes - all the Children really enjoyed making them and each child made their own.
Even thought each child had the same things to use the calenders looked different
The Verse I used from the Bible was suggested by one of the Sunday School Teachers it was "There is a time for everything and everything on earth has its season"

The Verse we used

There is a time for everything
And everything on earth has
It's special season

There is a time to be born
And a time to die
There is a time to plant
And a time to pull up plants
There is a time to destroy
And a time to build
There is a time to cry
And a time to laugh
There is a time to be sad
And a time to dance
There is a time to throw away stones
And a time to gather them
There is a time to embrace
And a time to refrain
There is a time to look for something
And a time to stop looking for it
There is a time to keep things
And a time to throw away
There is a time to tear apart
And a time to sew together
There is a time to be silent
And a time to speak
There is a time to love
And a time to hate
There is a time for war
And a time for peace

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Just some thoughts

I'm hoping that once I've put my thoughts down and read them back I can come up with what I need
Just a little background info - One of the things I do now is help out at the Sunday School my Daughter has recently started going to I didn't intend doing this I thought I would just take her and then pick her up but I got involved One of the Sunday School Teachers asked if I would like to make some Christmas Cards with the Children and have now been given the "craft" hat to wear,
I am enjoying doing this much more than I thought, Everyone is so friendly, At the moment we are practising our Nativity Play for the Christmas Carol Service and while some are rehearsing others have been making their Christmas cards. The Children have really enjoyed making their cards.

This week I have to come up with a Calender and this is where I'm having a few problems getting it from head to paper The ideas I've had have changed so much this past couple of weeks
When I was trying to think what Theme to use. A friend very kindly suggested the 4 seasons (Thanks Bob) which is a good idea and I was quite happy to go along with as a calender is a year round thing I've come up with some ideas but because of changing time limits the ideas have changed several times Originally we were going to have 2 sessions to make them, they now have to be made start to finish this Sunday in approximately half an hour for 20 Children
1) They have to have A Bible Verse on them (trying to find one suitable for seasons as well)
2) Something suitable for all 4 seasons
3) Somewhere to put a Calender blank
4) Be suitable for children between 4 - 12
5) Be easy enough to do from start to finish in half an hour
6) Be A4 in size

Now I've written that down I'm hoping when I read it back I can come up with something,

Here goes................

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Small Selection of Cards

That I've made from some of the Free Papers from Free Craft Downloads
(one of my favourite sites)
I quite enjoyed making them

I decided to make a "Coffee Cup" Card with the Coffee2 Backing paper
I cut out a mug shape and put a sachet of coffee in it
The Money Wallet was made using the "Money" Backing Paper to fasten it I used Velcro with a 1p coin
to look like a fastener

I Glass Painted the design on the Hello Card and used the "Leaves2" Backing Paper
For the D.I.Y. Apron I used the "Metal1" Backing Paper cut out a small apron shape
Then stuck it on the "Nuts and Bolt" Backing Paper

If you haven't visited the site yet it is worth a look, there is a huge selection of backing papers and other free downloads, You will be stuck for choice, instead of me waffling on about it - go and take a look for yourself Free Craft Downloads Make sure you have plenty of time too you will spend ages there

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Megans Christmas Tree Card

This is my deycoopag card and I had fun meking it
I hope you like it
The pichur cem from Free Craft Downloads Christmas dezayns

from Megan
(Forgive the spelling she typed it Herself)

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

My Favourite Websites

I have added some of my favourite websites.
They are my favourites because
I do like to use "Free Stuff"  and  "Free Downloads" 
 I have made quite a few cards using things from these sites and no doubt will be making more
I hope to share some pictures of ones I've made soon

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I took the plunge

I have decided to give blogging a go! It's now or never
I have decided to base my blog on both Mine and My Daughters Craft Projects
which are mainly Card Making and Glass Painting. I do like to Cross Stitch but don't have as much time since I started Card making and Glass Painting
I have enjoyed Crafting now for a few years and My Daughter enjoys it too She is 7 years old
Please bear with me over the coming days/ weeks while I add things here as I am very new to this