Friday, 20 November 2009

Lady in Red Dress Card

This card was made with some backing papers I made and a decoupage sheet

The papers used can be found in the new  Decoupage and Backing sheets section in the Gallery on Free Craft Downloads  (This is where members can add sheets they have made) 
Decoupage sheet
Backing paper "weave"
Backing paper "curl"

To make the card I cut out and assembled the decoupage sheet 
using the settings on my printer I printed the weave backing sheet A5 size and the curl paper 5x7 size by doing this I had the sizes I needed for the card.
I stuck the weave paper to an A5 white card then layered the curl paper on top  I edged these with some border peel offs I had coloured with a peel off pen
I added the decoupage to the middle of the curl paper then stuck a "Just For You" peel off under it.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Some lovely Thanksgiving Day Papers have been added to Free Craft Downloads this week along with a couple of   Thanksgiving Day Decoupage Sheets      I have made a quick card using a couple of the papers

To make the card I used the following papers
Thanksgiving 02 Decoupage

Thanksgiving 6 light Backing paper

Thanksgiving  9 light Backing paper

I printed out the Decoupage sheet,cut it out and assembled using silicone glue.
While it was drying I made the rest of the card by printing the first backing paper (6) 5x7 size this I stuck to a 5x7 plain white card then the second one (9) was printed 6x4 size and layered onto the first one.
I added some gold peel off borders around the edges of both background layers, and coloured some peel off fruits with a blue peel off pen.
I printed the wording "Happy Thanksgiving Day"  in Blue and gave it a lighter blue background  This was stuck to the centre bottom of the card
When the decoupage was dry I stuck it to the centre of the card and highlighted bits of it with glitter pens.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Christmas Tree Card

The Backing Paper Builder   from Free Craft Downloads has had some new additions
5 New Christmas background templates to use in your papers
Also the ability to make papers 5"x5" and 6"x6" sizes

If you haven't tried it out before I hope you take a look and try it out (You will need to allow Pop-ups if you use a pop up blocker)
You can add your own wording on the backing papers -    A great way to make those cards a bit more personal

I made a 5 x 5 card using the Christmas Tree Template

I added the words Seasons Greetings, I put the paper through an embosser to emboss stars on it


 I cut out and assembled a christmas tree decoupage sheet I made

I added beads for candles and small foil circles for baubles
added a few foil stars to the backing paper and some "Red" holly leaves to the corners and a gold foil star to the top of the tree 
I went over the edges of the tree with a gold glitter pen for a bit of sparkle

Thursday, 5 November 2009

2 Quick Cards

I have made these cards using the Kaleidoscope Generator available from Free Craft Downloads

I haven't used it for a while so thought I would have a play with it today It is very easy to use and gives you the option to save the tiles you have made or print from your browser (The better option is to save them)
It also shows that even if you don't like to do Tea Bag Folding you can still use the tiles to make cards

Card 1

For this I used a picture of some Purple Tulips which I uploaded to the Kaleidoscope Generator and had a play with until I was happy with the pattern. (Square 8 sector 4cm size)

I saved it  to my computer then printed it on to some Photo Paper
I used 3 of the tiles and left a white border around them when cutting from the paper.
I then stuck it to a 5x7 Lilac Card
To the centre of each of the tiles I stuck a small clear square gem put on an angle to make it a diamond shape
I added a silver fine line peel off to the outer edge of each of the tiles then a wavy edge silver peel off to the edge of the white part
In the top right and bottom left corners of the card I added some more of the square gems
I also added a silver vertical Happy Birthday Peel off

Card 2

For this card I used a picture of a lion face which I uploaded to the Kaleidoscope Generator and had a play with until I was happy with the pattern.
(Square 8 sector 9cm size)
I saved it  to my computer then printed it on to some Photo Paper
I cut out 2 of the tiles and stuck them on to the left side of a 5x7 size cream card
To the right of them I stuck a piece of beige mulberry paper
I printed out 4 of the lion face picture (6cm x 8cm size) and decoupaged them
I added a fine line gold peel off to the edge of the decoupaged lion them then added a wavy edged gold peel off to the edge of the tiled backing, then to each corner I added an amber coloured round gem
To the right hand side on the mulberry paper I put a vertical  Happy Birthday Peel off

Monday, 2 November 2009

Thank You Card

As well as the Saucy postcard decoupage we have a few more Floral decoupage sheets which you will find in the Floral section
I used the flower old pyramid sheet 

Another easy card to make

I cut out and assembled the pyramid design and added a gold border peel off to the edge of the oval shape I then put it on a pale green rectangular layer  I put this on  to a darker green card & added peel off borders to the pale green layer and Gold  peel off corners to the base card
A Thank you peel off was put on the top of the card

Saucy but Nice

Something a little different this week from Free Craft Downloads

Saucy Postcard Humour

A quick and easy fun card to make

This card is made as a 6x4 (15x10cm) size Gatefold card
I used one of this weeks Saucy decoupage sheets
I used  saucy_postcard2

I cut out and assembled the decoupage sheet but left off the top layer

When the decoupage was dry I stuck it inside the card

Then added the top layer  to the outer sides of the card  

 I stuck some thin ribbon on to the inner edge of the outsides of the card and put a clear flower gem over them   this is so the card will closewhen the ribbon is tied
To finish off I added a Just For You peel off to the left hand side on the front.