Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Glass Painted Vase

Daffodils are one of my Favourite flowers As well as them being my national flower (I'm welsh) I think they look so pretty and it's a shame they are not year round flowers

The Outliner & Glass Paints I use are the Rainbow glass ones

On Glasspainting.co.uk site You will find helpful videos, some designs and lots of useful information on the site and in the forum on there
The videos are available on the right hand side of my blog as well

This vase I found while passing a local charity shop it was part of a window display and only cost me 25p so was definitely my bargain of the day. They had 2 so I bought both
I will paint the other one soon with a different design

Daffodils Design on vase from 1000 motifs for crafters Floral - square -number 293
Black Outliner
Orange, Red, Yellow and Kelly Green (Transparent solvent based paints)

I adjusted the size of the design to fit the vase then taped it to the inside to make it easier to outline

Using the black outliner I outlined 2 sides of the vase then allowed it to dry for 24 hours before outlining the other 2 sides

I painted the Daffodils then the leaves then the background of the vase one one side allowing time for each colour to dry before moving on to another colour I allowed 24 hours for each side to dry properly before turning to paint another side in the same way

This is the finished vase It looked a bit dark in the picture above so I put a lit candle inside to show the design a bit better
It looks nice sat on my table with the sunlight catching it in the day and then with a lit candle in at night


Renee' said...

:WAVES: Oh thats beautiful.

Janet said...

Thank you Renee,
I love glass painting - I haven't done much for a little while though - I will have to make sure I do more