Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I would just like to say a Quick Hello to My Followers - Both Old and New ones recently joined
As well as those of you who like to look at it, Your time here is very much appreciated
Thank You


Renee' said...

:WAVES: Hi (Newbie to your blog here )

I Looooooove your blog :)

Janet said...

Hi Renee

Thanks for your comments - much appreciated

sonia said...

Hi Janet just been looking at Megans cards and craft on Alan & Barrys site she has amazing work on there how proud you must be of her? Keep up the hard work to both of you Hugs all round.

Janet said...

Thank You Sonia
Yes, I am very proud of Megan
She really enjoys her crafting, She has her own cupboard with her things in & she shares some of my things too