Thursday, 17 June 2010

Another Teenage Card

I thought I would show you another card I made using the latest premium sets from Free Craft Downloads

I thought this would be suitable as a Belated Birthday Card

I chose a green A5 base card (tent fold)
I also used one of the older papers for this card  music027  (page curl one)I thought this went well with the other things I've used to make the card
From the Teenage / Young Adult Set I used the Decoupage 01 image
From the Teenage / Young Adult Music Set  I used both Decoupage images 2001 and 2002
Backing paper teenage2_006_ls_l
Teenage2_006_tags  I just used one of them (the rest will keep for other projects)

I printed the music 027 sheet A5 size and stuck it to the front of the green base card
I printed the backing paper A5 size but trimmed it to fit more centrally
With the three decoupage images I chose not to have the backgrounds they had I just cut out the people
I used a graphics program to add the "Sorry I'm Late" wording to one of the speech bubble tags then cut it out, using double sided foam pads stuck it by the central decoupage then stuck the other people on either side
I used a gold border peel off around the teenage2_006_ls_l  backing paper

I quite like mixing some of the older papers with some of the newer ones I hope you agree the older one I chose goes well with the ones I chose from the new sets.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Teenager Card

This card is made using one of this weeks Premium sets from Free Craft Downloads
Both sets this week and the one from last week are ideal for teenage / young adult cards

The Link to download these premium sets can be found on the Free Craft Downloads Forum

When you download the files you need to unzip them which can be done quite easily

To make the card shown here I used set 2 - music
I used Decoupage 2002
Border 5X7_04
Tags teenage2_005_tags
Backing Paper teenage2_005_ls_l

a 5x7 cream base card (tent fold)
I printed the Decoupage and Border frame on Canvas photo paper

I stuck the background paper to the base card and trimmed around the edges

I cut out the Border to use as a frame and stuck it with double sided foam pads to the backing paper on the base card

From the Tag sheet I cut out one of the small oval ones and the small square one
I cut out and assembled the Decoupage this time using some small double sided foam pads

I stuck the tags on to the card
On the square one I added a Gold Happy Birthday Peel Off
I have left the oval one blank with the intention of adding the age of the person there of who the card will be for

Teenagers / Young adults can be a difficult age group to make cards for 
These Premium sets are ideal to use

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Dayze of Innocence

This is the name of the latest CD by Debs  which features the artwork of Pamela West

It is very reasonably priced and contains a total of 269 printable pages of various papers / decoupage /toppers / inserts etc and  fabulous acetate decoupage ideal for those who have difficulty cutting out / don't like cutting out  or just don't want to cut out.

I have made a couple of cards from one of the designs on the CD and thought I would put them here for you to see
Both of these cards were made using designs from "Dreams in the distance" folder on the CD The toppers and decoupage were printed on canvas photo paper

I haven't added a greeting to the first card  so it could be used for various occasions  I used three of the toppers and one of the backing papers with a strip of navy card and a couple of small silver peel offs.

The second card I put a get well soon greeting on it I used one of the decoupage designs with one of the backing papers and two of the bonus papers some gold border peel offs and a gold get well soon peel off and some small flowers

I will be making more cards with this CD and will post them on here when I do (I think  I will have a try at the acetate decoupage next )

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Glitter Card 2

This is the 2nd card made with the pre printed acetate flowers

The papers I used on the card were from Free Craft Downloads
I used  Green, Gold, Pink and Orange glitter glues
An a6 Size Cream base card (used tent fold)
Gold corner and border peel offs and a Gold Best Wishes one
I coloured in the flower using the glitter glues and left it to dry
I stuck the Leaves 3 paper to the base card (This was a piece I had used from another card I had made )
When the glittered flower was dry I trimmed the edge and stuck it on a piece of pink material paper I had from another card as well (again this had been printed in draft to make it paler)
This was then stuck on the right hand side of the card I put some gold corner peel offs on it and edged around the pink paper with gold border peel offs. to the left hand side I stuck a different border peel off and then in the space I added a vertical best wishes peel off

Friday, 11 June 2010

Glitter Flower Card 1

I found some pre printed acetate flowers I had in one of my bits and pieces box so decided to make some cards up with them   Here is the first one I made

I don't really like using glitter as I always seem to get it everywhere so I use glitter glue instead
The papers I used on the card were from Free Craft Downloads

I used Red, Green, Blue and Gold glitter glue
A 7x5 inch base cream card blank
A Piece of cream ribbon
Small amber and blue gems
Silver Border, and Happy Birthday  peel offs
Backing Paper Mod Square Lt Blue
Backing Paper Blue0191

I coloured in the flower using the glitter glues and left it to dry
I stuck the Mod square backing paper to the front of the base card, then I made a bow from the piece of cream ribbon ~ to this I stuck some amber and blue small gems then left it to dry.
I stuck the Happy Birthday on to a small piece of the Blue 0191 paper
when the glitter blue was dry on the acetate flower I trimmed the edge and stuck it to a piece of the Blue0191 paper I used a small amount of silicone glue in each corner (it doesn't show through ) I put it in the centre of the card near the top and under that I stuck the bow and below that stuck the Happy Birthday

Quite an easy card to make - using up some left over bits and pieces and papers from previous cards made

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Acetate Fairy Card

When I had the idea for making this card I was going to  pick up on the purples in the image but last minute chose not to and went with blues now seeing the finished result I'm glad I did
The card was quite easy to make and I'm pleased with the results

I have used a Fantasy fairy decoupage sheet and one of the older backing papers.from Free Craft Downloads

I used ~
1 A4 sheet of white card
Blue backing paper
The main fairy image from fantasy fairy 8 decoupage sheet
1 sheet of printable acetate
rectangle of silvery glittery mirror card
2 blue star gems
silver borders and letters  peel offs
small piece of pale blue pearl effect textured paper
4 tiny blue gems

I printed the blue backing paper "Draft" to get a paler effect
I chose this backing paper because I felt it fitted with the fairy design as she was  looking out to sea and also it's nice to mix old with new
I stuck the backing paper on the base card and trimmed the edges then edged it with silver wavy peel offs  At the top I stuck 3 pale blue star gems on with sillicone glue and left to dry

I cropped the main fairy image and pasted it twice in a new document ( I also did this with the larger oval on the sheet  reason being I now have 4 images to use on 4 different cards and not wasted any of the acetate I printed on )

I left a border of acetate along the 2 longer edges of the rectangle  but scored along the edge of the image I cut the rectangle of silvery glittery mirri card a couple of millimetres smaller than the fairy image, folded along the 2 score lines and using double sided tape stuck the 2 sides to the back of the card.
The "Rough side" of acetate is printed on so I turned it over to have the smooth side showing on the card - the fairy is now facing the other way

This gave a raised effect to the acetate image (like a bubble front )

I tried to show it in this photo by "looking down on it" but it's a bit difficult to see

I made up a small rectangular topper with the piece of pale blue textured paper I used silver letter peel offs to make "Thinking of you" wording then a silver wavy edged one to finish of, then in each of the 4 corners I added a tiny blue gem  (They are a bit fiddly to get the adhesive on so I did it with the edge of a cocktail stick) and left it to dry

I stuck the fairy image in the centre of the card and added the topper underneath

I really liked the effect of the silvery glittery mirri card when it catches the light
It is difficult to see from a picture on here but if you make one of these cards I hope you agree
The effect it has on the fairy's dress and wings looks lovely when it catches the light a certain way and also when it catches the light you can see the full image reflecting in the silver of the card