Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Happy Easter

Megan has made this Easter Card to wish you all a Happy Easter

Hope you like it 

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Birthday Bunny Card

After making the Easter Bunny Card in the post below this one   I thought the rabbit decoupage would look nice on a birthday card for a young child
So what I did was substituted the "egg"  for a "Present" and made a Birthday Card

I used the rabbit decoupage sheet from Free Craft Downloads again
I also used a couple of the older papers we have on there
Clouds 3  
Scrabble tiles

I used a 5x7 cream card as my base card and printed the cloud, grass, decoupage and scrabble tiles sheets all in A5 size

I stuck the cloud paper to the base card and cut a jagged edge along the grass paper to make it look a bit like long grass when I was happy with it I stuck it to the bottom of the card.

In this picture you will see that on the 2nd layer of decoupage I have stuck a small foil present over the egg  it does cover the paws of the rabbit a bit but the next layer will make it "right" again

I have coloured in the rabbits ears with a clear glitter pen  used cotton for the whiskers again but this time left the eyes as they were I didn't add the wobbly eyes
as you can see the rabbit is holding a present now instead of an egg

I cut out and stuck on the scrabble tiles to make "Happy Birthday"

Here if you wanted to you could use tiles to spell out the childs name

I stuck the rabbit slightly behind the grass  which I think looked better than sticking it on the grass

Hope you like this card and it's a nice way of using the decoupage sheet - year round not just for Easter
Another thought is to substitute the egg  (like I did with the present) for a Heart and use different backing papers and use it as a Valentine card

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Easter Bunny Card

I really like this Easter Bunny Decoupage sheet from Free Craft Downloads this week
It is so cute I couldn't wait to use it

This is the card I made with it I also used one of the new Easter egg templates as well

"Hoppy Easter"

To make this card I used

Easter Bunny Decoupage sheet
Easter Egg Template
Painted eggs backing paper
1 sheet of A4 size Purple Card
2 Wobbly eyes
Some Black embroidery thread
"waste dots" off a gold peel off sheet
gold peel off letters and borders

I printed the Easter egg template on some purple card  then cut around the edges (I chose Purple to go with the purple easter egg the rabbit was holding )

 When cutting out the decoupage sheet I decided to "cut off" the rabbits whiskers - they are quite narrow but they are cuttable with a good eye and steady hand but instead I chose to add some black embroidery thread for whiskers I assembled the decoupage rabbit but before adding the last "face" layer (bit with the blue line on which was for cutting purposes ) using a cocktail stick I put some small amounts of silicone glue where the whiskers should be then stuck the thread on to them then put the last face layer on top when dry I trimmed the whiskers to a better size  I also added some wobbly eyes to the rabbit and let them dryI stuck on some of the small waste dots from a peel off sheet to the egg he was holding.

I printed the painted eggs sheet A5 size - This is one of our older papers but thought it was nice to use with this card I cut out an oval shape in this paper and stuck it on to the purple base card
I edged it with a gold border peel off I also added a peel off to the edge of the purple card

When the silicone was dry on the rabbit  I stuck him to the centre of the painted eggs oval  added a gold bow in the centre of  the bottom of the card

 I added "Hoppy Easter" .........well he is a bunny and they do hop

Monday, 22 March 2010

Easter Gift Tags

I made these Easter gift tags with the remaining rabbits from the rabbit sheet  which was one of the Free downloadable sheets on Free Craft Downloads last week

I used one of the rabbits to make the card on the previous post on here  then thought rather than use the others to make another card or two I would use them up by making some gift tags to add to the Easter eggs I give to people

They were very easy to make all I did was cut the rabbits out with fancy edged scissors then stuck them to some small pieces of card which had been folded in half   (a good way of using up some scraps of card as well )
I punched a hole in the top left corner of each one so a ribbon can be threaded through them.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Happy Easter

Easter is not very far away now

I thought I would make an Easter Card with some of this weeks papers from Free Craft Downloads

The papers I have used are
A Green Chick Backing paper
Yellow Chick Border
Rabbit decoupage Part 1 and Part 2
Small piece of yellow card
Gold letter peel offs

I printed out the backing paper 8x10 size and stuck it to the front of a 5x7 size card then trimmed the edges
(easier to do it that way incase there is a slight difference in the 5x7 size and saves ink)
I printed out the border 5x7 and cut it out
This was then stuck to the backing paper raised up on double sided foam pads
I printed out both sheets of the decoupage  I chose the yellowish colour from sheet 2 as my base then cut out the rest of the decoupage from sheet 1 and assembled it
I stuck it to the lower part of the inside of the border
Then stuck Happy Easter lettering in Gold Peel offs on the small piece of yellow card trimmed it and added that above the decoupage
The remaining pictures from sheet 1 can be used to make other cards
If I get more time during the week I will add another one here

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Cross Card

This card could be used as an Easter Card or as a Sympathy card
It is very quick and easy to make

I used one of the Cross Backing Papers from Free Craft Downloads 

To make the card I used
Cross_006  Backing paper
 A4 Cross  Front Template
A piece of gold textured mirror card
Some gold fine line peel offs
5 small cream roses ( I chose cream as I thought they went with the gold better than white)
Some double sided sticky pads
Small amount of silicone glue

I printed the cross backing paper on to a sheet of A4 white card
Then I ran the card back through the printer and printed the cross template
I cut out the cross from the middle and saved it to one side

Behind the cross I fixed an A5 sheet of Gold textured mirror card

The cross I cut from the middle I measured in 0.5cm all around and cut it to make it smaller
To the back of this I added some double sided sticky pads

I stuck the smaller cross in the centre of the Gold cross
Then added some fine line gold peel offs around the edges of both crosses

I put the 5 cream small roses together and twisted one of the wire stems around the rest to hold them all in place
with the rest of the stems I curled them around an embossing tool to make a "spring"
These were then stuck with silicone glue to the centre of the cross and left to dry

I chose not to add a greeting to the card as I preferred it plain
You could add  Thinking of you, Happy Easter, or With Sympathy or another of your choice

I did think of using silver card and peel offs  instead of gold but decided the gold brought the colour of the small crosses out better on the backing paper