Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Fleur de Lis card

I made this very quick and simple card from one of this weeks Papers added on Free Craft Downloads

I only  used one sheet of the backing papers to make the card
I chose to use fleurdelis 02
I also used a sheet of black card and some gold peel offs

I cut the card to the size needed to make a DL card  (folded size21cm H by 10cm W)
I added a piece of the backing paper  to it slightly smaller so a black border could be seen  (20cm by 9cm)
I cut a piece of black card to 4.5cm wide by 15cm high and added this to the middle  of the fleur de lis paper
From a spare piece of the backing paper I cut out 3 of the fleur de lis as a diamond shape then stuck them to the piece of black card

I edged the fleur de lis backing paper with some gold border peel offs

Monday, 9 August 2010

Clay vase

Megan went to a Clay craft workshop earlier today

This is a clay vase that she made - She really enjoyed the session - They "learnt" how to mix the clay to produce different colours, and learned that there were different types of clay for different projects etc  and then were able to make something of their choice with some of the clay
Megan chose to make a mosaic effect vase with a flower in
It may be a little difficult to see on the picture  but she has added a caterpillar from one of the leaves going to a petal  and on the side of the vase she has added a butterfly

Front view

Back view

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Glass beaded sticker cards

I have managed to make a couple of quick cards tonight so thought I would add them here for you to see

I was very kindly sent the Glass beaded stickers by a friend - it was an unexpected surprise to get them
Where I am there are no local craft shops so I have never seen beaded stickers like these before  They are beautiful  I have had them sitting here on my desk until I had time to use some of them.

Craft CD's

Craft CDs has been recently relaunched by two special friends of mine Bob and Dawn I would like to wish them well. They have many years combined experience in the craft industry working with/for others but this will be a new venture for them together as this is theirs

At the moment they have an opening offer on which is 10% off everything and are building up a good selection of craft cd's available to buy  They run a points scheme on purchases  where these are saved then can be used to buy cd's.  UK postage is free, Orders outside of the UK postage is £5-00 per order.

I could go on explaining more but it is much better for you to visit the site have a good look around and see for yourselves

Hello again

It seems such a long time ago that I posted on here, I didn't think it would be this long
We had a fantastic time at Bible club week, the children had lots of fun and made some lovely things
If you would like to see some pictures of what Megan made you can see them in "Megans Crafts" in My Gallery on Free Craft Downloads 
Each thing the children made had a space theme and Biblical connection 
I've been catching up on things at home since the end  of Bible Club and spending time with Megan as it is the school summer holiday
Hopefully now  I can catch up on a bit of crafting which I have really missed doing