Saturday, 27 June 2009

Glass Painted Mobile

My Second project this week using items from Free Craft Downloads

Using the 2nd set of letters added this week I decided to make a Mobile for My Daughter The letters are great and also wanted to show that you can do other things with them as well as use them on cards.

I printed out the sheets with the letters on I needed for her name
I used some thick acetate, put it over the letters and used black outliner to outline I managed to fit all 5 letters on the one sheet of acetate.
After outlining the letters I left them to dry.

I then used my glass paints to paint them, I left them to dry for around 10 mins before I added some coloured flower gems to the letters I then left the letters to dry for a few hours

When they were dry I turned them over and stuck some more flower gems on the other side in the same places as the ones on the previous side I stuck them with clear glass paint

I used one of the kinetic type mobiles, when they were dry I cut out the letters and I pierced a small hole through the top of them and fixed them on to the mobile

After I had fixed the letters on I liked it but even with the gems set in the paint I thought the mobile itself seemed a bit plain
I decided to use some peel off butterflies

I put them on some thinner acetate and glass painted them when they were dry I turned them over and stuck the same type of peel off on the reverse to neaten it up
When the peel off butterflies were dry I cut them out of the acetate, bent the wings slightly and stuck them with silicone on to the mobile

Here in this picture you will see them on the mobile I took the picture of it flat as when I had it hanging with the slight movement from it the picture kept blurring (Photography is not one of my strong points )

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tennis Card

One of this weeks offerings from Free Craft Downloads are some Tennis papers - Very apt as it's "Wimbledon Time " here in the UK

The Backing Papers I used were
Tennis 05
Tennis 013
Tennis 014
Tennis 08
I also used one of the sets of letters
I used 4InchCaps

I also used
A sheet of white A4 card
Gold border peel offs coloured green
A small piece of Green card
A couple of images (Tennis shoes & Rackets)

To make the card

I printed the Tennis 05, Tennis 013, Tennis 014, papers A5 size, and the Tennis 08, A4 size
I folded the piece of white card in half to make an A5 size card,
I then covered the bottom half of the card with the darker paper and the top half of the card with the lighter one
I printed the sheets of the letters I needed to make the word "ENJOY" as "wallet size" prints to make them small enough These were printed on the 08 paper so that they showed up faintly but could see enough to cut around
I cut the letters out, edged them with a green glitter pen then stuck them across the top of the card
I chose the wording "ENJOY" as it could cover quite a few occasions for a Tennis fan

Across the middle I added a strip of the 08 paper, I stuck the tennis images to the piece of green card and added it to the centre of the base card

I have not been able to do much crafting this week due to a hectic time at home
I have managed to do one card, Hopefully another project will follow over the weekend.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Robot Jade - Card 2

Crafty Robots CD

Another Sample from the CD

Just for you card

For this card I used

A4 white card
Basic image - Jade
Background paper = complimentary = background01_a4_l
Background paper = Jade = background01_a4
Silver border peel off coloured pink with peel off pens
A necklace made using seed beads
A bag made using seed beads and a piece of silver holographic card
Material flower for belt of dress and fasten on bag
Just for you peel off coloured pink

1) I printed the image A5 size as I wanted a larger image for this card
2) I made a seed bead necklace and a bag with seed bead strap and stuck them down on the back of the image
3) I added the flowers to the bag and belt
4) I folded the A4 card in half to make an A5 size card
5) I put the background paper on the front of the card then cut the background paper to approx 12cm wide and 17cm long and put this in the centre of the card
6) I added the pink peel off border to the complimentary background 1 paper and the just for you peel off to the lower left corner
7) Lastly I stuck on the Jade image

Robot Luke - Card 2

Crafty Robots CD

Another sample from the CD

Shaker card

For this card I used

Basic image = Luke
A 5x5 square aperture card
1 plastic bubble front
Tea bag tiles = 4cm = Luke4cm002
Gold peel off coloured blue with peel-off pen
Small gold stars

1) I printed the image on printable acetate to fit in the aperture card
2) I attached the bubble front to the aperture added the gold stars & placed the acetate image to "seal" the stars in
3) I then stuck down the end of the aperture card.
4) I used 4 of the tea bag tiles and folded them to make corners for the card and added the blue coloured peel off border.

Robot Matt - Card 2

Crafty Robots CD

Another Sample from the CD for you

Birthday card

For this card I used

A4 white card
Decoupage = matt_sign
Background paper = background02_a4
Background paper = background 02_a4_l
Background paper = background11_a4_l
Silver border peel-offs
Silver number / letter peel-offs
Silver Happy Birthday peel -off

1) I printed, cut out and made up the decoupage design
2) I folded the A4 card in half to make an A5 size card
3) I attached pieces of the 3 background papers to the base card
4) I added a Silver wavy edge border peel off around the edges of the card and down the length where the papers joined
5)I Added the "5 Today" to the sign and attached the decoupage to the card
6) On the edge of the pale grey paper I put the Happy Birthday peel off
7) Just to use up some of the waste dots from peel offs I stuck a few to the robot where his screws/bolts are

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Robot - Jade

Crafty Robots CD

Birthday card

For this card I used
A4 white card
Decoupage = jade_sign
Background paper = complimentary = background05_a4_l
Background paper = jade = background11_a4_l
Tea bag tiles = jade4cm004
A piece of lilac ribbon
Silver Happy Birthday peel-off
Some Pink and Silver foil flowers
Some clear and pink Gems

1) I printed, cut out and made up the decoupage design

2) I folded the A4 card in half to make an A5 size card then cut the top to 9cm wide

3) I attached the background 05 paper to the inside of the card and stuck on some pink and silver foil flowers with a gem in the middle

4)On the top part of the card I stuck the background 11 paper and a piece of lilac ribbon down the length of the card

5) I added a Silver Happy Birthday peel off to the sign and then stuck the decoupage to the front of the card

6) I added foil flowers to the outer corner of the front of the card

7) I used 1 tea bag tile cut in half diagonally to make corners for the outer edge of the inside of the card

Robot - Luke

Crafty Robots CD


Party Invite

For this card I used

A4 white card
Decoupage = luke_sign
Background paper = complimentary = background04_a4_l
Background paper = complimentary = background02_a4
Background paper = Luke = background11_a4_l
Tea bag tiles = 4cm = Luke4cm002
Gold border peel-off coloured blue with peel-off pen

1) I printed, cut out and made up the decoupage design instead of having a white centre in the sign I used a small piece of the background 4 paper and typed out "You are invited to my party" and stuck it in the centre of the sign and added a peel off border.

2) I folded the A4 card in half to make an A5 size card

3) I used the background 4 and luke background papers cut diagonally to fit the card

4) The background 2 paper I cut to approx 9cm wide x 15cm long and stuck it in the centre of the card

5) I added the decoupage to the centre of the card on the background paper

6) I used 1 teabag tile and cut it diagonally then again to make 4 triangles which I added as corners.

Robot - Matt

Crafty Robots CD


For any occasion

For this card I used

Basic image = Matt
A 6x4 aperture card
Silver fine-line border peel off
Small silver corner peel-off's
Decoupage section -extras_a4

1) I printed the image on printable acetate to fit the aperture card.

2) I cut it out and stuck it to the inner of the aperture then stuck down the end of the aperture card

3) I cut out the small extras and added them around the edge of the 6x4 card

4) I put a silver fine line peel off around the aperture and put the small corner peel off's in the corners

Crafty Robots

Crafty Robots CD Rom

A Fantastic New CD
When I first heard of the idea for this CD I thought it was a brilliant one

1) Because its different
There are so many CD's available now but they seem to follow the same themes

2) It's very appealing to Children / For Childrens cards
Childrens cards can often be as difficult to make as Mens cards Quite often I feel that designs seem a bit "too young" for some children and its nice to have something other than "Fairies & Sport" In my opinion the designs on Crafty Robots are suitable for Boys and Girls in the 4-10 age group (or Robot fans of any age.)

3) The designs are suitable for Crafters of various abilities
There is some challenging decoupage through to simple pyramid designs the latter can be used by children to make cards too.

4) A fantastic selection of Papers to use with the designs
The Complimentary papers on the CD mix and match quite well with the Robot Papers.

5) The Backing papers can be printed on White card
That way you can use them with various templates to make different types of cards, boxes, bags etc

I hope you will enjoy this CD as much as I do

This is the Good Luck Card I sent to Bob for the Launch of the CD

The Robots were printed on Magnetic Paper
so they could be removed and used as Fridge Magnets

I felt privileged that I was asked to make some samples from the new Crafty Robots CD
Thank You for giving me the Opportunity Bob.

Any one for Cake?

OK I couldn't resist one more

A Happy Birthday Cupcake Card

I have really enjoyed using this weeks Cupcake Template from Free Craft Downloads

For this card I used
part 1b of the cupcake template
A sheet of A4 Black Card
Some scraps of pink card, Brown pearl card and some beige paper with embossed roses on it
A gold Happy Birthday peel off
Some gold fine line border peel offs

I reduced the size of the cup cakes by printing it A5 size

For the top cake
1) I used the Beige rose paper for the case I added the lines by using fine line gold peel offs
2) I used the brown pearl card for the topping and trimmed it to fit the case
3) To decorate this one I used a hole punch to punch some circles in the beige rose paper and stuck them on the topping.
For the bottom left cake
1) I used the pink card for the case I added the lines by using fine line gold peel offs
2) I used the beige rose paper for the topping and trimmed it to fit the case
3) This one was decorated using some seed beads as hundreds and thousands
For the bottom right cake
1) I used the brown pearl card for the case I added the lines by using fine line gold peel offs
2) I used the pink card for the topping and trimmed it to fit the case
3) This one was decorated by using an embossing board to emboss some swirls on it.

The toppings were stuck flat on the Black base card and I used some foam pads to stick the cases on so they were slightly raised.
The Happy Birthday was stuck in the Centre at the bottom

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Coffee and Cake time

Last one for this week from Free Craft Downloads

For this Card I used this weeks Cupcake Template, This can be used for a variety of cards
Birthday, Children's Party invites, invite a friend to coffee to name a few

There are 2 parts to this template as you have a choice of case and topping
Part 1 & Part 2

I printed both parts on white card and cut them out the first part needs to be folded in half

For the "case" I chose a scrap of peach card and drew around the template with lines on.
Instead of drawing in the lines I chose to use fine line gold peel offs
I used the wavy edged topping and cut a cherry out of a piece of red card
I went around the edge of the topping with a clear sakura pen just to give it a bit of sparkle

I stuck the case part of the template to the lower half of the base card the stuck the topping on the top half with the bottom of the topping just behind the case
I added the cherry on the top and the wording "time for coffee and cake" in gold peel off's

Pyramid Box

My 3rd offering this week from Free Craft Downloads

A Small Pyramid Box

I decided to use the pyramid box template with one of the Egyptian Papers

I chose to Use Papyrus 5 Paper
Letters to make the word G I F T

I used one of the Pyramid Templates - I have one of these as a "master" and draw around it when using different Papers
What you could do if you prefer is to print the Plain Pyramid template on the back of your chosen piece of card - That will save you having to draw around the template and the lines will be there for you to score & fold. They won't be seen on the outside of your card as they will be inside the box when made up.

I printed out the Papyrus design on to a sheet of A4 white card I then drew around the Pyramid Template and scored along the lines

Before making it up I punched a hole in 2 sides of the triangular sections (this is used to thread ribbon through

I cut out the letters I needed (GIFT) and layered them on scraps of brown pearl card I stuck one on each side of the box

I threaded a ribbon through the top of the box and tied it
I left the side of the box open so something can be put in it
These can be used like little favour boxes, Birthday Boxes (add a sweet treat)
or you could put a small gift inside EG.. Jewellery)

Picture 1 View of G and I
Picture 2 View of F & T

Interlocking Egyptian Card

My second card for this week from Free Craft Downloads is this Interlocking Card

The Closed Card

I used the
Interlocking Template
Dark Happy Birthday 4 Paper
Light Happy Birthday 4 Paper

I drew around the template on white card cut out and folded where the dashed lines are
The dark paper I stuck on either side of the interlocking card and trimmed to shape
The lighter paper I used inside the card in the centre
I coloured some border peel off's in green and edged the card with them
I stuck 3 red gems on each side of the middle
I cut out and made up a couple of small decoupage pictures and added one to the top left and one to the bottom right of the card

Open and on an angle so you can see the inside

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Egyptian Card

I chose to make a Triangle / Pyramid Card with a couple of the papers from Free Craft Downloads this week
The papers I used were from this weeks Egyptian theme
I used
Happy Birthday 3 Printed on A4 white card
Happy Birthday 4 Printed on A4 white card

Some gold border peel offs
A gold Bow and a few green gems
And the Egyptian letters

I printed out the designs on A4 white card then lightly pencilled in 3 triangles on the reverse of the darker card 1 in the middle and one joined either side on a slight angle and cut it out
I cut 3 further triangles slightly smaller and placed them in the middle
I edged the smaller triangles with gold border peel offs
Using the letters JAN I cut out and layered them on some scraps of brown pearl card and stuck one letter on each triangle
I added a small green gem to each of the bottom corners of the inner triangles and a gold bow at the top of the middle one
The card will fold to fit in a DL size envelope

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lion Decoupage Card

Have a Day

Another quick and easy card to make,
From Free Craft Downloads I used
The Beige weave paper
The Lion Decoupage sheet (Which I printed on Photo Paper)

I also used A 5x7 white aperture card
Gold corner and Border Peel Offs

I cut out and made up the decoupage, (I like to use silicone glue for my decoupage some of you may prefer to use foam pads)
While the glue was drying I cut out a piece of the beige weave paper to fit the aperture in the card and stuck it to the card
I added some gold fine line border peel offs and also some gold corner peel offs
When my decoupage was "set" enough to handle I stuck it on to the card

Here is the finished card

I chose not to add a greeting but to leave it blank - A greeting can always be added later if need be

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fridge Scrabble

One more for today from Free Craft Downloads

A very quick and simple project but a Great fun way to play scrabble and can help the children with their spellings I know Megan will love this when she comes home from school.

Again using the Scrabble tiles I made "Fridge Scrabble"
I have printed the tiles on "Magnetic Paper" and cut them out
and arranged them on the fridge

A bit difficult to see in the picture But I have spelt out
Janet says - Happy Crafting Day

Fathers Day Scrabble Card

Another Project using Papers from Free Craft Downloads

A quick card which is ideal for Children to make
Quite plain with no fuss but effective

I used the scrabble tiles from Free Craft Downloads
Beige weave Backing paper
A piece of brown pearl card from my cardstock A4 in size Folded to A5
I edged the card with gold fine line peel offs (double row)
A few small beads to use as buttons

I cut out the letters I needed to spell out the words
Happy Fathers Day
I made a small Origami shirt from one of the backing papers on Free Craft Downloads and stuck it on the bottom right of the card
I added some small beads as buttons on the shirt

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sign Language - Waterfall card

This week on Free Craft Downloads One of the things we see is the Alphabet in British Sign Language

With the Small Blue alphabet I have chosen to make a Waterfall card saying "Hello"

I think it's lovely to send cards to say hello especially these days when people are busy and you never quite make that call to a Friend / Relative
and being able to send one in sign language is just that bit more special
Are you able to buy sign language cards? I certainly haven't seen any for sale around here

I also used a couple of the "Older" Backing Paper designs
They are :
square pattern yellow (2 Sheets) and square pattern light blue (1 sheet)

The finished card

1) I used a piece of white A4 size card folded in half to make an A5 size card
2) I printed the square pattern papers and stuck the Yellow paper to the white card & trimmed it to fit the card To this I added a blue border peel off.
3) I then trimmed the blue paper to approx size 12cm wide x 17cm long and stuck it in the centre of the card and added a gold border peel off and some gold corner peel offs.
4) Then using the other sheet of the yellow card I made a waterfall mechanism and cut out 5 x 3cm squares of the card
5) With the remaining blue card I cut out some 4cm square pieces
6) From the sign language sheet I cut out the letters for Hello (the letters run A-Z from top left to bottom right)
7) I added a small gold peel off letter to each sign so that people who are not familiar with sign language are able to read what it says
8) I stuck the sign letters to the 3cm yellow cards and added a blue peel off border to them
9) I stuck the yellow cards diagonally to the 4cm blue cards and added a gold peel off border to them
10) I added these to the waterfall mechanism fixed either end on with a small blue brad and added some yellow thread to "pull"

Glass Painted Vase

Daffodils are one of my Favourite flowers As well as them being my national flower (I'm welsh) I think they look so pretty and it's a shame they are not year round flowers

The Outliner & Glass Paints I use are the Rainbow glass ones

On site You will find helpful videos, some designs and lots of useful information on the site and in the forum on there
The videos are available on the right hand side of my blog as well

This vase I found while passing a local charity shop it was part of a window display and only cost me 25p so was definitely my bargain of the day. They had 2 so I bought both
I will paint the other one soon with a different design

Daffodils Design on vase from 1000 motifs for crafters Floral - square -number 293
Black Outliner
Orange, Red, Yellow and Kelly Green (Transparent solvent based paints)

I adjusted the size of the design to fit the vase then taped it to the inside to make it easier to outline

Using the black outliner I outlined 2 sides of the vase then allowed it to dry for 24 hours before outlining the other 2 sides

I painted the Daffodils then the leaves then the background of the vase one one side allowing time for each colour to dry before moving on to another colour I allowed 24 hours for each side to dry properly before turning to paint another side in the same way

This is the finished vase It looked a bit dark in the picture above so I put a lit candle inside to show the design a bit better
It looks nice sat on my table with the sunlight catching it in the day and then with a lit candle in at night


I would just like to say a Quick Hello to My Followers - Both Old and New ones recently joined
As well as those of you who like to look at it, Your time here is very much appreciated
Thank You

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Megan's Fishing Picture

Megan has asked me to put her Fishing Picture on here that she made earlier today

She has made it using a couple of the fishing Papers from Free Craft Downloads
She used the Floats paper and one of the Fishing papers
She cut out a picture of a fish and stuck it on
Grandad will be the lucky recipient of the picture because he likes fishing

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Old Book Card

Last one for today from Free Craft Downloads

This is a very simple card where I have used The Old Book Template
I printed out the 5x7 size

I used a plain white piece of card and gave it a "teabag wash"
( I brushed cold tea (without milk ) over the card to age it and left it to dry)

I cut the card to 5x7 size edged it with gold flower corner peel offs and gold borders
I added a Gold Happy Birthday Peel Off
I found a flower topper in my craft box which was similar in colouring so used that and layered it on a pale peach rectangle added a peach coloured bow to the bottom.

Here is the finished card.

This only took about 25 mins from start to finish and as I have forgotten my Neighbours Birthday today as soon as I finish this posting it will get posted through her door

Example of Topper made with Old Book Template
You can also print "wallet size" pictures of the Old Book and make toppers with them.
I curled the pages slightly and added a Gold Thank You peel off and some small flowers.

Happy Birthday

Project Number 2 for this week from Free Craft Downloads

Film Strip Happy Birthday Card - Another Quick card to make ideal for "short notice" and another one to add to your "just in case" card box.

The Film strip is a Decoupage sheet where you would cut out one strip then with the other you would cut out all the white centres from the edging and centres of the strip and place it on top of the first strip
I chose to use it like I have with this card to show that even if you have problems with cutting out you can still make use of the design

For this card I have used the Smaller Film Strip (I Printed 2 sheets)
Some white and Black peel offs
Some small clear adhesive gems
And a piece of Black card

On both sheets I cut around the edge of one strip and on the second strip I cut off the smaller edges so I was just left with the larger middle section, I left a small white piece of card to make the pull tab & cut off one of the cells so you have 7 not 8 (to even it up when adding the "Happy" peel offs)

I Coloured some Lettering peel offs with a Black Peel off Pen and added the words Happy Birthday in the cells of the film strips
I also used up some small black peel offs which I added to the pull out strip on alternating cells.
To the centre of each black peel off I added a small square clear gem on an angle to make it diamond shaped

I cut the black card to standard DL size and added some white corner peel offs

I put some small 3d foam pads around the edges of the back of the strips with Happy Birthday on and stuck them to the centre of the card then slotted the pull out strip under them

Here is the finished card