Friday, 23 September 2011

A few cards

Just sharing some cards I have made over the past couple of days to use up some bits and pieces

The first one I used  a Mandala design which I shrunk down and printed 3 of them
I was going to colour the mandala images but decided to make a black and white card instead so used a white base card DL size  and layered the mandalas on to black card

This I used up a piece of black and white floral backing paper and a silhouette die cut from way back when which I found in my bits box
I added some black ribbon along the bottom and a white ribbon on the left side of it

This card  used up some lacy backing paper and a floral decoupage I had made up a while ago but not used
along the bottom I added a Happy Birthday and another small floral decoupaged sticker and a cute little ladybird

Monday, 12 September 2011

Teen Pop Cards

Some of this weeks papers on Free Craft Downloads are Teen pop papers

Normally I would not have chosen purple and green together but picked up on the colour of the stage lights in the decoupage sheet and felt on this occasion the colours went well together.

To make the card I used

A4 sheet of ivory hammer effect card
Music 02 backing paper
singer 01 decoupage 
11cm square of green card
7.5 x 21 cm of purple pearlised backing paper
4 small strips of purple pearlised paper 1/2 cm wide x 8cm long
2 small green brads
2 x 5mm self adhesive gems
double sided adhesive tape
silicone glue
Clear sakura pen

I folded the sheet of card in half to make an A5 size card
the "front" of the card I folded back on itself (so the inside becomes the outside)
To this I stuck the purple pearlised paper (trim edges if necessary)
on the inside of the card I stuck the music backing paper

I cut out and assembled the decoupage sheet then when dry I stuck it to the centre of the green card
using the clear sakura pen I coloured in the lights at the front of the stage and some highlights in the "singers" hair so they sparkle when they catch the light

To make the "flowers" I used 4 small thin strips of purple paper all you need to do to make these is to make a circle with each strip and glue, when dry flatten down
make a hole assemble as shown in picture then make a hole right through the centre of them and use the brad to secure them you could leave them like that but I chose to add a green gem to the centre
These were then stuck to the top and bottom right hand side of the music backing paper

These little flowers look nice made into inexpensive bows for gifts you could make in 2 / 3 different sizes / colours then open out the petals and assemble - larger one on the bottom and smallest one on the top - ideal for using up scraps of paper. They can be made from ribbon as well

The main picture was then stuck down on the left hand side only on the purple pearl paper.

Megans Teen Pop Card

Megan decided she would like to make a card from one of this weeks papers so she used the saxophone player decoupage
She folded the base card in the same way that I did mine then cut out the decoupage sheet and used foam pads to layer it up
Instead of using pearl paper Megan decided to use some purple foam then stuck the decoupage to this
She also decided to use 2 small rectangles of mulberry paper in a mustard colour (to go with the saxophone)
Then on these she stuck two mini mandala images I printed  and she coloured in
On the left hand side she stuck 3 flower peel offs which she coloured the centres in a deep purple
A Happy Birthday peel off was used in the top right corner of the decoupage
Because the front of the card was quite colourful she decided to leave the inside of the card plain

Mini Mandala Card

In my crafting I like using mandalas either to glass paint or shrink down and use like digi stamps on my cards
I also find them quite therapeutic to just colour in / paint

The card pictured below  I  made using a Mandala image which I shrunk down to a 5cm diameter 

I printed the images onto a smooth white card and used three images to make this card
I coloured them using sakura gelly roll pens I did try water colour paints but was not happy with the effect

I used a DL size green base card and coloured the image in red and green and used some red pearl gems in opposite corners I used foam pads to stick them to the base card and raise them slightly

I know there is a saying "red and green should never be seen but I liked it on this card

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Glass painted Tiger

I haven't had much time to do any crafting for myself lately but one of the things I have done is this

I really like Tigers and have a favourite image of one in tribal flames
it's the sort of design I would like to have on the front of  a car IF I had the right sort of car to put  it on

I decided instead that I would glass paint the image and have it in a picture frame
It took two attempts - for now I have just put it on a clip frame back until I find the right frame for it

I used solvent based glass paints for this project and just added a gold peel off border to take the plainness off the clip frame until I find the frame I want to put it in 

I'm still around

I knew it had been quite a while since I posted anything on here but didn't realise how long!
I have been quite busy this past few of months or so with personal stuff and becoming more involved with the KIM Project  I have been lucky enough to facilitate a few craft sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed it and  it has helped me no end with confidence building not only in myself but in my crafting as well.  I did Card making, Glass painting and Watercolour Mandala Painting
I have another Card making session coming up in a couple of weeks for them and I am really looking forward to it and am starting to "prep" this weekend
I will also be starting a self employment business course so that is something else I am looking forward to