Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Robot Matt - Card 2

Crafty Robots CD

Another Sample from the CD for you

Birthday card

For this card I used

A4 white card
Decoupage = matt_sign
Background paper = background02_a4
Background paper = background 02_a4_l
Background paper = background11_a4_l
Silver border peel-offs
Silver number / letter peel-offs
Silver Happy Birthday peel -off

1) I printed, cut out and made up the decoupage design
2) I folded the A4 card in half to make an A5 size card
3) I attached pieces of the 3 background papers to the base card
4) I added a Silver wavy edge border peel off around the edges of the card and down the length where the papers joined
5)I Added the "5 Today" to the sign and attached the decoupage to the card
6) On the edge of the pale grey paper I put the Happy Birthday peel off
7) Just to use up some of the waste dots from peel offs I stuck a few to the robot where his screws/bolts are