Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A "Chocolate" Card & Box

 One for the Chocoholics  

I have made this set using papers from Chocolate set 1  in the Recommended sets section on Free Craft Downloads

I chose to make a Birthday Card and a gift box containing 2 standard size chocolate bars

To make the card I used the template from the Set, one of the papers and the decoupage sheet. I printed the backing paper on white card then printed the template in draft on the reverse. I cut out and scored along the lines of the template
I cut out and made up the decoupage, and stuck it to the inner middle of the card. I edged it with silver border peel offs. to the corners I added some silver peel off corners
Then on the outer "Triangular" sides I added a vertical Happy Birthday peel off and a small flower gem to each side, and edged the triangular sides with silver wavy peel offs.

To make this gift box I printed one of the backing papers on a sheet of A4 white card then cut the sheet in half to make 2 A5 size pieces  On one of the pieces  I trimmed approx half a centimetre off one side of the length and the width
I measured in 2cm and scored lines around all four edges on both pieces of card
I folded and creased along the scored lines and cut in to the score line on one edge of each corner and stuck down using a wet glue  I held the corners in place with paper clips until they had dried properly. I did this with both sheets so I had a top and bottom of a box

I put the 2 chocolate bars inside and to the top of the box I added 3 small paper flowers with a "pull ribbon" on the stems of them
I printed the tags sheet and tied one to the ribbon I put a silver with love peel off on it

The finished items

Monday, 26 October 2009

Bell Card

If you get the Newsletter from Free Craft Downloads - Last week you will have seen that we are starting to add "Recommended Sets" 
These papers won't be new but will be sets made up from different sections giving you sets of papers that will go nicely together to make a card. (Obviously you don't have to use the recommended papers) but ideal if you don't want to go looking all over the site for papers or want to make a quick card.

  I chose  Bells Set 1  from the Christmas Sets  Section

I printed the  template on a sheet of white card  I then cut out the bell shape,
I printed the backing paper on some white paper then stuck it to the front of the card using double sided tape and again cut out the bell from the centre.

 I printed 2 of the bells pyramid design on A5 size photo paper and made them up
When the silicone glue had dried I  then glued them back to back with a piece of narrow gold ribbon in the middle. ( where there was some small "white bits" showing I just trimmed them )
I glued the ribbon on the top of the bell so the pyramid design was suspended in the aperture I then added a small gold bow over the glue so it wouldn't show.
To the gold ribbon I added some green foil stars and some foil holly leaves & berries to the top 2 corners.
At the bottom of the bell I added 3 gold foil snowflakes

Monday, 19 October 2009

Megans Christmas Card

This is the card Megan made today

I made the Christmas Tree decoupage Sheet and she cut it out and assembled it herself
She added some beads for decorations on the tree and a star gem for the top
Surrounding the tree she glued some small gold stars and put a "Happy Christmas" peel off at the top and a candle/holly peel off at the bottom

I think Megan did well with this - Hope you do too

Bon Voyage Card

A quick fun card made from decoupage and backing paper from Free Craft Clip Art which is a sister site to Free Craft Downloads

I used some of the Tommy Turtle Design set for this card

Decoupage sheet I cut out and assembled one of the larger designs and 2 smaller ones

Backing paper I printed a small piece of this paper (6x4 size)

The size of the card is a small DL I chose a green one to go with the Turtles design
Gold corner peel offs were used and gold lettering to say bon voyage
I roughly cut out a pond shape and stuck it on the card and edged it with a fine wavy edged gold peel off then I put one of the smaller turtles "in" the pond with the other 2 following

Penguin Birthday Card

For this card I used one of the Penguin Numbers decoupage sheets from Free Craft Downloads

I used a blue small DL size card and also used 2 of the Embossed Numbers backing papers
The ones I used were
Pale Yellow
Pale Blue
The Decoupage sheet I chose was Penguin 2 Blue

When I made up the decoupage I put a peel off Gold frame around the first layer and cut around the outer edge then cut out the other pieces and assembled using silicone glue.
While the glue was drying I started on the rest of the card
I cut out the backing papers to the size I wanted and layered them on to the card I coloured a silver Happy Birthday peel off in Blue and stuck that in the left hand corner then added a pale blue ribbon to the right hand corner.
Using PSP I cropped the penguin (layer 3 of the decoupage) and pasted it in a new document I did another and flipped it so I could use them to "hold" the main part of the decoupage (if that makes sense) Then decided to give them balloons to hold so used peel off ones which I coloured blue with a peel off pen

A quick and easy card to make

Friday, 16 October 2009

Christmas Wreath Card

Here is another card which can easily be made from the designs on the Christmas Booklet from Free Craft Downloads

I used the wreath & bells image (page 8 of the booklet)
I cut out and made up the pyramid design, then while the silicone glue was drying I took an old CD and glued it to piece of red card then used some fancy edged scissors to cut around it
For the base card I used an A4 sheet of dark green card folded to A5 size
I stuck the wreath / bells pyramid design to the centre of the CD then stuck that to my base card near the top
I added some "stickles - icicle" to the bells when dry it gives a nice glittery effect
I put a small silver bow on the top of the CD and a couple of bells peel offs to the top 2 corners
near the bottom I added a "Seasons Greetings" silver peel off which I had stuck to a small rectangle of red card and edged with a silver border peel off

I like the rainbow effect on the CD as it caught the light when taking the picture
Making cards like this is also a good way to use up all those old and unwanted CD's

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Christmas Booklet

This week on Free Craft Downloads we had something a little different - Bob produced a "Booklet" with free downloads in which is available HERE The booklet contains some Christmas designs - You can use them yourself, or pass the link on to friends to use, you could print out the sheets and pass them on to friends, maybe someone who would like to get started in crafting etc
Whatever you decide to do with it - they are lovely images to use.

For my first sample I used the design on page 14

I printed it on photo paper then cut it out and layered it, I then stuck it on to a pale green background then a slightly darker green layer to this I added a fine line gold border peel off
I used the flakes 3 design for the backing paper and stuck to an A5 size card in the centre of each of the snowflakes I added a tiny blob of "icicles - stickles" it gave a nice effect and catches the light lovely Across the top I used a holly stencil and green/red glitter pens to colour in the holly design.
I also used the bells corners decoupage design from page 6 (just used 1 so the other can be made up and used on another card)

For my second sample I used the design from page 13

Again this was printed on photo paper, cut out and made up, I used flakes 22 design for the backing on this card
I added some silver mirri card to the back of the design then added a blue fine line border peel off.
To the snowflakes paper I added some of the "waste" dots (from peel off sheets ) randomly inbetween the snowflakes,
I added silver corners and silver fine line borders
Then stuck the design to the left hand side of the card and added a silver frame to the right side with "Seasons Greetings" inside.

A couple more samples will follow over the next few days

Thursday, 1 October 2009


I would like to share with you a few things I made using some of the ""Halloween" Papers from Free Craft Downloads and to show that a lot of the papers can be used for other things as well as for making cards with

I made some (Indoor) Halloween Bunting This was quite easy to make and is ideal if Children are having a Halloween party
I used 3 of the Halloween papers (I printed a few sheets of each) - they were
I printed them A4 size on white paper and folded them in half, from each sheet I got 2 Triangles I used the outer corners of the top edge as a guideline then brought them to a point at the centre bottom and cut out.
On the back of the triangles I put a strip of double sided tape then folded down the width of the tape and trimmed off the bits that stuck out
I used some black wool to attach the Triangles on to and removed the double sided tape to stick them down

Food tray
(again ideal if Children are having a Halloween party)
I used the cat_witch_halloween001_ls_l design which I printed on to white card cut a rectangle approx 28cm wide by 18cm high
then scored in approx 3cm from the edges and folded along the score lines then cut from the outer edge to the score line and stuck one side to the other (as if making a box base) These can be filled with a small selection of foods for each child

A gift bag for those "Trick or Treat" Treats
for this I used the cat_halloween002_ls paper and printed it onto a sheet of white card I used a template which I printed on the reverse of the card - cut it out and stuck together for the handle I used one of the strips of the Border sheet bats_halloween001 These can be filled with sweets and given to children as their treat

Paper chains
These were made using the border sheet I cut out the strips made a circle with one then threaded the others through and stuck down these can be used in the same way as the bunting.

"Pumpkin Lollipop"
Just for a bit of fun I printed one of the Pumpkin decoupage sheets as a 5x7 size and made it up just using the first 3 layers then stuck it to the front of a children's lollipop

Door curtain
To make this you will need to print several sheets of the Tbag tiles
I used kaleidoscope_20 and kaleidoscope_30
I used some black wool to hang them from you will need a few lengths of them to go across your door
Cut out the tiles and put 3 pieces of double sided tape on half the amount of tiles (one in the middle and one on each side)
peel the backing off the tape and stick the wool to the middle piece then attach another of the tiles on top lining up as carefully as possible alternate the designs along the wool leaving a gap between each until you have the required length (make as many lengths as required)