Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Megans Flip Card

Megan wanted a go at making one of the flip cards
She cut it out and made it up herself
The only help I gave her was cutting off the points on the cocktail sticks
and attaching them on to her card
Megan decided to cut off the corners of the rectangle in the centre so it would "look nice"
she wrote her own message on the back

I wasn't allowed to see it when she was making it
she wanted to keep it for my birthday then she realised I would have to see it on here
so said I could see it to put it on here then she would hide it until needed

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

More flip cards

These cards are made in the same way as the First flip card

This one was made using a Pink Gingham paper from Free craft Downloads
I made it as a Good luck card I left the reverse blank so a personal message could be added
I decorated it with silver peel offs and some gems. I coloured the tulip peel off with metallic glitter pens

This time I used a Backing paper (printed on white card) and an image from Crafty Robots CD. I used some foil flowers and added some beads in the centre

On the reverse of this I added a pale pink piece of card with a fancy border and added some oval beads to the corners I left it blank so the card could be used for any occasion and personalised with words of own choice rather than a verse

Crafty Robots CD

Monday, 27 July 2009

Flip Card

I really like this template and I was stuck for choice which papers to use with it each time I thought I had chosen the "right" ones I wanted to use others
The card is quite easy to make & if you have some pieces of card to use up you could do a plain or contrasting frame then use the smaller pieces of card for the rectangle

To make this card I decided to use the Fairies design from a little while ago on Free Craft Downloads
1 A4 size white card to print the Backing paper
1 A4 size Decoupage
I also used
2 cocktail sticks (with points cut off)
4 foam pads
peel offs
Flip Card Template
(This card will fit inside a 6 x6 inch envelope)

You will need to use a fairly thick card with this template (I used 300gsm card) as you don't want the frame to be floppy
I printed the template on one side of the card then turned the card over and printed the Fairy design I had chosen on to the other side

Cut the template out (you will need the inner rectangle as well ) the 2 small strips and the other rectangle
You will see 2 small dashed lines at the centre of the Frame - Stick 2 foam pads either side approx half a centimetre down from the line

Place the frame flat on your work surface then place one of the rectangles in the gap in the centre this is just an easy way to find the centre of the rectangle so you can stick on the cocktail sticks (I chose to stick them on with silicone glue you could use a wet glue)

Fold the frame in half along the dashed lines
leave the cocktail sticks to dry

Stick the small tabs on the bottom of the frame this will help stop the frame from splaying out

I added some double sided sticky tape to one of the rectangles to enable me to stick one rectangle to the other Remember to stick one the right way up and the other upside down so that when you flip/turn over the card it will be the right way up

I cut out and assembled the decoupage then stuck it in the centre of one side of the rectangle I also added some border peel offs to the edges

For the other side you could add another picture or a verse or something else of your choice I chose to add a verse

I trimmed the cocktail sticks so that one was level with the frame so not seen from the edge the other side I left approx 3/4 cm sticking out this you can hold to turn so the card flips over
when I was happy with it I put it in place and stuck the foam pads to the other side of the frame holding the cocktail sticks in place

Time permitting this week I will make a couple of other samples
and add the pictures on here

Friday, 17 July 2009

Tulip Card

On Free Craft Downloads this week we have a lovely set of Tulip Backing papers, inserts, tags and labels, a decoupage and a pyramid sheet

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and even thought Tulips are more of a spring flower I love to see them on cards any time of the year
On a dull rainy dismal days like today - Wouldn't it make you feel better if you received a card with a nice bright tulip on it
If the weather didn't make you smile the tulip would

For this card I have used
An A4 sheet of pale green card
The Tulip decoupage
Tulip 05 paper printed A5 size
Tulip 08 paper printed A5 size
Some gold border & a"Best Wishes" peel off
2 Star gems
A small Green bow

I measured a rectangle shape 20cm high, 28cm wide on the green sheet of card,
Measure in from the left hand side 4.5cm and score a vertical line, then from the same edge measure in 9.5cm and again score vertically
Do the same from the right hand edge
Then from the first score lines score a line from the top & bottom edges to the middle of the outer section on both sides (hope I havent confused anyone here it is easy to do)
cut out the rectangle shape I used some fancy edges scissors to cut the "Triangluar" edges then fold along the score lines The "Triangular edges need to fold outwards and the inner score lines need to fold in. When folded this should leave a DL size card
(picture on the left is to show you the shape)

I cut out and made up the tulip decoupage while the silicone glue was "setting" I got on with making the rest of the card
I cut a piece of the yellow tulip paper and stuck it to the middle section of the card then cut a smaller piece of the green paper and layered that on
The Star Gems I had were blue so I coloured them in green with my peel off pens then stuck them to the outer edge of the Triangular sides so when the card is folded these are on the front of the card and put a gold border peel off along the straight edge
On the inside of the card I edged the papers with gold border peel offs and stuck a "best wishes" peel off on a scrap of the pale green card I cut off trimmed it to fit in the middle panel near the bottom and edged it with a gold peel off and stuck it on with a small green bow on the top right edge of it then added the tulip decoupage near to the top

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Zodiac Card - Virgo

I've had a very busy week with yet another busy weekend & week ahead so am a little behind with this project.

A Thank You must go to Bob who himself had a very busy time last week and has another ahead of him this weekend
He still managed to find time to do these Zodiac papers / Decoupage for Free Craft Downloads
Thank You and have a great time at Ely Festival

We have the last Zodiac sign for you this week which is Virgo
There are now all 12 signs on the site

The Zodiac papers are listed under their individual names

For this card I have used

1 A4 sheet of Yellow card
Virgo Decoupage sheet
Virgo 2 backing paper
Virgo 6 backing paper
Gold peel - offs (a wavy border and thin straight border)
A gold bow
Some blue and amber coloured square gems

I folded the piece of yellow card in half to A5 size
Then cut it to an Octagonal shape
I made it so it would fit inside a 6 x6 inch (15 x 15cm) Envelope

I then cut out 2 smaller Octagonal shapes
One was 1cm smaller than the yellow card
Then the other was cut 1cm smaller than that one

I cut out and made up the Virgo decoupage
I decided I would colour in the Red flower with a red glitter pen
I coloured her feet with a light gold glitter pen so it looked like she has gold slippers on
I also went over the wording "Virgo" with a clear glitter pen
A bit hard to see in the picture but shines nicely when it catches the light

After sticking the Octagonal shapes and the Decoupage onto the Yellow base card I added some gold border peel - offs around the edges of each Octagon
I also added a thin straight line border peel off to the edge of the decoupage.
Around the edge of the Yellow base card I stuck on some Blue and Amber coloured small square gems
Then finished off with a Gold bow centrally at the base of the decoupage

Here is the Finished Card

If you like the designs on Free Craft Downloads and would like to receive Newsletter updates of when new papers have been added you can join the email list Here
We also have a forum which you may like to join
You can tell us about your crafting
Open your own gallery to show everyone your work
Ask questions or simply say Hello

You will be made very welcome

Friday, 3 July 2009

Mosaic Fish

This week I have been busy making cards for our Church Charity Coffee Morning,
I decided I needed a break from card making the other night and Glass Painted a mosaic fish which I thought I would add here for you to see.

I used the design from the "Simple Glass Painting" book By Cheryl Owen. There are some lovely designs in this Book I bought mine from Amazon a real bargain at 1p plus P&P

I decided to use the design on a 6x4 clip frame, in the book it was painted on a vase with waves on it I didn't want the waves so filled in with more squares where the waves should have been I outlined the design using Alan and Barrys Black outliner Then left it to dry.
(Apologies for missing the right hand outlined edge off the picture)

I painted the design using Alan and Barry's solvent based Glass Paints
The colours I used were, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Purple, White (for the eye) and Clear. I used the clear paint to lighten some of the other colours

I enjoyed painting this and it was an enjoyable break from card making.

Rainbow Glass Transparent Paints

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

We have Lift Off - A Rocket Card

We have lift off

A Space theme from Free Craft Downloads this week

To make this card I used :-
Rocket Decoupage
Peel off letters and numbers coloured blue
corner and border peel offs in silver
2 x 5x7 size cards in Blue
small length of beading wire

The Rocket3 paper was added to the site quite a while ago but I decided to use it with this card as I thought it went well and because I liked it

I printed 3 of the Rocket decoupage cut out and made them up
1 sheet of the Rocket paper and 1 sheet of the Apollo paper.

For the front of the card I used the Apollo 7 paper and covered the front of my base card
I added a silver oval to the centre and stuck it on
To this I stuck one of the rocket decoupage images in the centre and added the wording in peel offs

I then set to work on the inside of the card

I stuck the Rocket paper to the inside of the first card.
I folded the 2nd blue card and cut out the rectangular aperture to make the pop out centre
I put a piece of beading wire between the other two decoupage images and stuck them together
I curled the wire around a paintbrush to give it a spring effect I stuck it to the back of the rectangle aperture

I stuck the card to the inside of the first card
A great card for a "space fan"