Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Challenge Card I made

I thought I would share with you this Card I made
It was a Challenge card  
On Free Craft Downloads we have a section in the Gallery where Forum Members can post decoupage / backing sheets they have made (Images used must be in the Public Domain, Your own art work or used with permission)

To make this card I used
1 A4 sheet of White card
Challenge sheet 1
Challenge sheet 2
Gold peel offs
1 A5 sheet of acetate
A Cupid backing Paper from FCD (A5 size)

I printed & cut out the decoupage sheets,
I assembled sheet 1 and 2 seperately
While they were drying I set to work on the card
I folded the White card in half  and cut out a rectangular aperture in the centre I measured the base of the decoupage picture and cut the aperture slightly larger so the backing paper could just be seen as well

In this picture you can see I used the cupid backing paper on the inside of the card  I closed the card and stuck the challenge 1 decoupage sheet in the centre of the aperture this way it ensured that when the card was open / closed the design could be seen in the correct position
I then stuck the sheet of acetate to the back of the open aperture

In this picture you can see that I stuck "challenge sheet 2" decoupage to the acetate I did this by closing the card and lining up the decoupage with the decoupage on the inside of the card   I also stuck a Gold border peel off around the aperture edges and some gold peel off leaves to both bottom sides
This picture shows the card slightly open so you can hopefully see the decoupage on the acetate and the back of the card
I would like to say Thank you to Suan - It was her that set us the challenge using her decoupage sheets
She has no objections to people using her decoupage sheets for Projects / Card making but the sheets are not to be sold or put on CD's to be sold

I used the cupid backing paper on the card because I thought the colour went well with the dress the lady was wearing  I chose not to add a greeting to the card - another forum member said it would make a nice Valentine card - Thanks Barb   a nice idea

Monday, 4 January 2010

Valentine's Day

We are only just getting over Christmas and New Year and thoughts are turning to Valentines day
It may be a bit early for some to be thinking of this now but for some Crafters they will already be making Valentine Cards

This card I have made combines one of this weeks New Papers from Free Craft Downloads with one of the Older ones on there and the Decoupage sheet I have put in the Decoupage and Backing Sheets (made by forum members) section in the  Gallery on there

I used
1 Sheet A4 white card
1 Sheet A4 Matt  photo paper
1 "love" fabric embellishment
2 Gold heart embellishments
Red alphabet peel offs
4 Heart corner peel offs (coloured with pens)
Double sided tape
Silicone Glue
1 A5 size piece of acetate
Be mine teddy decoupage
Cupid - Pink (light) backing paper
Valentines day13 backing paper
A4  side heart Template

 I printed the "Valentines day" backing paper on the A4 sheet of White card, I then ran this back through the printer and printed the A4 Heart template on the reverse (white) side
I cut around the edges and around the Heart shapes on the sides

 I printed the cupid backing paper on the A4 sheet of white paper
I cut this to fit the central inside section of the card.
I attached it with Double sided tape and trimmed the edges

This is how the card looks when folded  it opens as a gatefold card  (A5 size)

Behind the cut heart part on the front of the card I have added some acetate
and at the top of the card I have put a gold fabric "Love" embellishment
which is stuck to the left hand side of the card only (Letters L&O)

This is the inside of the card - I stuck the teddy decoupage down with double sided tape so that when the front is colsed over the design is in the centre of the heart
I added some heart corner peel offs which were coloured red with peel off pens

This is how the finished card looks
I stuck the 2 gold hearts to the bottom front "inner" corners
As an example I added ME and YOU red peel offs on to the acetate You could add a persons name there if you wishe  or just leave blank

I decided to go with a softer pink look for this card rather than the "Bright Red" a lot of Valentine cards are
Hope you like it