Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fridge Scrabble

One more for today from Free Craft Downloads

A very quick and simple project but a Great fun way to play scrabble and can help the children with their spellings I know Megan will love this when she comes home from school.

Again using the Scrabble tiles I made "Fridge Scrabble"
I have printed the tiles on "Magnetic Paper" and cut them out
and arranged them on the fridge

A bit difficult to see in the picture But I have spelt out
Janet says - Happy Crafting Day


Jacob12 said...

cool :)

sonia said...

Hi Janet this is a great idea thinking of doing something like this with a board card if you know what i meen as 1 of my sisters loves the game lol i do too Say hello to megan for me please spk soon

Janet said...

Thank you both for your comments

I will say Hi to Megan for you Sonia,
I'm sure your Sister would love a card like that - Have fun making one