Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sign Language - Waterfall card

This week on Free Craft Downloads One of the things we see is the Alphabet in British Sign Language

With the Small Blue alphabet I have chosen to make a Waterfall card saying "Hello"

I think it's lovely to send cards to say hello especially these days when people are busy and you never quite make that call to a Friend / Relative
and being able to send one in sign language is just that bit more special
Are you able to buy sign language cards? I certainly haven't seen any for sale around here

I also used a couple of the "Older" Backing Paper designs
They are :
square pattern yellow (2 Sheets) and square pattern light blue (1 sheet)

The finished card

1) I used a piece of white A4 size card folded in half to make an A5 size card
2) I printed the square pattern papers and stuck the Yellow paper to the white card & trimmed it to fit the card To this I added a blue border peel off.
3) I then trimmed the blue paper to approx size 12cm wide x 17cm long and stuck it in the centre of the card and added a gold border peel off and some gold corner peel offs.
4) Then using the other sheet of the yellow card I made a waterfall mechanism and cut out 5 x 3cm squares of the card
5) With the remaining blue card I cut out some 4cm square pieces
6) From the sign language sheet I cut out the letters for Hello (the letters run A-Z from top left to bottom right)
7) I added a small gold peel off letter to each sign so that people who are not familiar with sign language are able to read what it says
8) I stuck the sign letters to the 3cm yellow cards and added a blue peel off border to them
9) I stuck the yellow cards diagonally to the 4cm blue cards and added a gold peel off border to them
10) I added these to the waterfall mechanism fixed either end on with a small blue brad and added some yellow thread to "pull"


Renee' said...

I Like that Card, love the colors you chose for it :)

Janet said...

Thank you Renee

sonia said...

Hi Janet this is a great card well done you bring us such lovely detailed pictures and instructions will be giving this one a go thank you for the inspiration.