Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chick Birthday Card

This card is made using this weeks Chick Template from Free Craft Downloads
I made my own backing paper with the Backing Paper Builder I chose a Yellow Background with blue text saying Happy Birthday

I also used a Blue Bubbles Backing Paper
A Yellow Bubbles Backing Paper
The Chick Template
I chose to print all these A4 size

I printed out the Happy Birthday backing paper on white card
I also printed 2 sheets of the yellow bubbles and one of the blue
With the sheets of yellow bubbles I put them back through the printer to print the template on
One chick was cut out and stuck on a piece of the Blue Bubbles card & used on the front of the card It was stuck on using foam pads so that the beak would still be slightly open rather than flat
(Which is a bit difficult to see in this picture as it has been scanned)

I cut out a waistcoat shape from some of the Blue bubbles card edged it with a sliver wavy edged peel off and stuck it on the chick and added a bow

The other chick is used inside the card
Fold the Happy Birthday Card in half, then fold the paper with the chick template on in half with the chick on the inside You need to cut across the blue line then pinch in the diagonal lines the easiest way to see if you have done this right is to have the paper folded in half and where the beak is you will see a "cut out half diamond" shape
This was then stuck inside the card when you move the two outer edges of the card the chicks beak moves as though it is talking just to make the mouth look a bit more realistic I put a small piece of a pinkish peach coloured paper behind the beak when sticking the paper to the card
I made a waistcoat for this chick as well and added a bow

I thought this card would be suitable for a Child's Birthday
This template would be good for making Easter Cards as well

Monday, 27 April 2009

A Glass Painted Card

I thought I would have a try at something other than "Tea Bag Folding" with the new Online Tile Maker from Free Craft Downloads

I used a line drawing of a Butterfly and chose Square 8 sector 12cm size tiles When I was happy with the pattern it made I saved it to the computer, then printed it It does print 2 designs of this size and as I only used one the other was given to my daughter to colour in

I outlined the design on to acetate and left to dry I then proceeded to glass paint it I love to use Rainbow Glass solvent based paints they are easy to use and keep their colour well

I cut out a 12cm square aperture in a 15cm square card and put the glass painted design in it and I added a small gem to the centre

If you have never tried Glass Painting before and are thinking of giving it a go you will find lots of useful information & help on this Glass Painting site

The finished card

If you like the idea of making something like this and don't want to try Glass Painting you can do similar things using O.H.P. Markers, Peel off pens, Glitters, Crystal Lacquers, anything that you can use with acetate
If you have Printable acetate  you could make a design like I did then "colour it in" using your graphics package on your computer then print it on to the printable acetate which would give a similar look to glass painting

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Butterfly Decoupage Card

So easy So effective

I have used one of the Butterfly decoupage sheets from Free Craft Downloads

This time I chose to print it on some Printable acetate doing it this way avoids cutting out all the fiddly bits in between the flowers ideal if you need a quick card

I have kept it very simple by choice as I feel this card doesn't need anything else it speaks for itself I used a plain white aperture card and edged the aperture with a gold border peel off
I cut out and made up the Butterfly and used a small amount of silicone glue to assemble the decoupage
I chose not to add a greeting so this card could be used for any occasion

Butterfly Waterfall Card

This weeks papers from Free Craft Downloads are Butterfly themed
You will find some lovely Butterfly Backing Papers Inserts, Tags and Labels in a variety of colours
There are also a couple of lovely decoupage sheets as well (My next project will be made using one of them)

This project I have done is a Butterfly Waterfall Card
The reason I have made this one is I couldn't choose between my favourite Butterfly papers to use so thought I would combine them all in a Waterfall card

The papers I used were
  • Blue Butterflies (printed A4 size)
  • Yellow Butterflies (printed A4 size)
  • Pale Green Butterflies (printed A5 size)
  • Pale Pink Butterflies (printed A5 size)

I used the Blue as my base card Printed it on A4 white card folded in half to make an A5 card I added some silver corner and border peel offs to this
I used the Pink one cut to 13cm wide by 17cm long to this I just added silver border peel offs
The Green one was cut to 11cm wide by 15cm long and this had corner and border peel offs like the Blue one
The Yellow one was made into the "Waterfall Mechanism"

I then printed a blue paper A6 size and the green and pink were printed twice as Thumbnail size to which I added some silver Butterfly peel offs then layered them on the blue sheet and cut out leaving a 4mm border
I added a couple of Dragonfly brads to attach the mechanism to the green card and a piece of green ribbon to "pull" and a "With Love" Silver peel off

I'm pleased with how this card turned out
I feel the colours go really well together

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Another Tea Bag Folded Card

This one is made with the new online Tile Maker available on Free Craft Downloads

You can quite easily spend hours and hours playing with it making lots of different tiles from images you have on your computer.
At the moment it is "Beta" (still testing it) It is easy to use
There are Instructions and a How to use video available on the Free Craft Downloads Forum if you would like to see them as well.(General Help Section)
You are able to make Square, Circular, Octagonal andFlower shaped tiles in a few sizes which you are then able to save to your computer when you are happy with what you have made.

The picture I used to make my tea bag tiles was a Photo I had taken of the River Ithon

From this picture I made these tiles

The card I made was quite easy to make I picked out the main colours in the tiles and chose to use them in the making of the card (Lilac, Cream and Green )
I chose a Lilac Base card, and used some handmade papers in Green and Cream I added the square of handmade cream paper diagonally then the smaller square of green paper was added "square" in each of the corners I added Green and Lilac gems and added silver border peel offs.
For the Teabag folded design I did a "Winged Triangle" Medallion using 8 of the tiles I made, and stuck them on to the Green paper I used a further 2 tiles cut into triangles and used them as corners on the card edged with silver peel offs

The Finished Card

I could spend ages telling you how great this Tile Maker is
but why not go and take a look for yourself

Have fun

Friday, 17 April 2009


Pyrography is something I have always looked at and admired - wanted to try but never plucked up courage to - until yesterday
I had found a simple design to try from one of the sites in the "Woodwork" section on Free Craft Stuff
I got a scrap of wood from the shed and had a go
I did enjoy it & found it quite relaxing and will have another go

Here is my first attempt I hope with more practice I can improve but am quite happy with it as a first attempt

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Simple Butterfly Card

For this card I have used a rose petal backing paper
From Free Craft Downloads

I loved the "paleness" of the chosen paper

I printed the design on to an A4 sheet of White Card folded in half to make an A5 size card
I found a large gold butterfly peel off and put it on to a piece of acetate then "coloured" the back of the butterfly using Gold, Silver and Bronze "crystal lacquers" when it was dry I bent the wings up a bit and stuck it on to the card using some silicone glue so it wasn't flat on the card

I then chose one of the Butterfly Quotes from on the site (I chose The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough. by Rabindranath Tagore )
and put it in to the Backing Paper Builder I made a paper with it then cut out one of the sentences and mounted it on to some gold holographic card (the rest of the paper I will use on another project) and lastly I added some gold corner peel -offs to the corners

This card didnt take long to make & I liked the idea of keeping it simple

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bookmark Card

As some of you will know from last weeks newsletter we have no new papers this week on Free Craft Downloads, so the projects I am doing this week will be from existing papers on the site and will be added today and tomorrow.

This card is made using one of the "Real Flowers" designs,

It is very simple to make and I chose the orange flowers design
I printed the design on to some white card and made a DL size card (210mm x 99mm) which I edged with a gold border peel-off
I then mat and layered gold holographic card and some of the orange flowers card and chose some simple orange flower toppers to go on top
In the centre of these I added an amber coloured self adhesive gem and I also made a tassel from embroidery thread in a burnt orange colour.
This then became a Book mark I cut a small slit in each of the 4 corners of the card and slotted the bookmark in.
I put a small gold peel-off flower in each of the corners, and added a Thank You peel off to the top of the card

The Book Mark can be removed easily from the card and be used

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

With Love "side" card

Having used the "doubled card" template on the previous project I decided to use it again for this one but having it stand on it's side and this time printed on A5 size card.

Items I used were
one of the Easter spring flowers backing papers
Double card template
2 pieces of green card for layering
4 of the daffodil teabag tiles
a small green bow
some small green gems
gold straight line peel offs
gold With love peel off

I printed the spring flowers on to an A5 sheet of card then run the card back through the printer and printed the template A5 size in draft on the reverse (white side)

I folded the template in the same way as I did with the "Home Sweet Home" card

Then cut the green card to size first piece was 6cm by 6cm then the second was 5cm by 5cm and layered it up on the square part of the card then edged them with gold straight line peel offs

With the four tea bag tiles I folded them in a "Leo" fold and stuck them on to the green card
For those of you familiar with Tea bag folding you probably know how to do a "Leo" fold,
If you are not or are new to Tea bag folding and want to know how to do the fold Please just ask in the comment box and I'll add how to do it.

I added one of the Gems in the centre of the tea bag design and one on each corner, Using the off cut of the green card I layered it and and added a "with love" peel off and added it to the side of the card with a small bow to the bottom

This card is made with A5 size card and suitable to fit in an A6 size Envelope

Home Sweet Home

I really enjoyed making this card & hope you will like it too

I have used this weeks Doubled card template from Free Craft Downloads and have decided to make a new home card with it
I also used the backing paper builder to make the "outside" of the card I typed in "Good luck in your new home" and printed it one one side of the card and I used one of the dog bones backing papers printed out on the other side of the card I then printed the template in draft on the side of the dog bones. I also used the Cute puppy decoupage Printed twice once on A4 paper and once on A5 paper sizes
Score along the lines of the template and fold on the lines when I first had a go at folding this type of card I got in a bit of a pickle so I will explain here the best I can how to fold it

1)With the paper portrait have the dog bones facing you fold left to right vertically and crease well along the fold line

2) fold the top down towards you and crease well along the fold line

3) The fold lines that are on a slight angle need to be folded away from you and again creased well ( I've shown a side view of what it looks like after the folding)

Here is how it looks once folded - a view of the "outside"with wording made on the backing paper builder

Side view of finished card The decoupage has been added and on the other side out of view peel offs have been added on to an oval piece of card saying home sweet home

Monday, 6 April 2009

Money Wallet with T-Bag fold Butterflies

While Megan was making her Desk Tidy I decided to make a Money Wallet
Last week on Free Craft Downloads as well as the fantastic Fairy designs was a lovely selection of Flower (photo) Backing Papers, inserts, tags labels and tea Bag tiles

I decided to use A White Flower Backing Paper and the Matching Tea bag tiles
This is a very simple project to do which I think looks much nicer when giving Money or a Gift Voucher as a Gift rather than just putting it inside an Envelope

I cut around the template and made it up according to the simple instructions printed on the template.
With a small piece of the card that is left I made up a gift tag to add to the ribbon
Using the Tea Bag tiles I made 2 small Butterflies to add to the money wallet

The Butterfly only uses 2 tiles (per Butterfly) I will try and show how to do the fold here
The only reason there are black lines around the tiles is so the folds show up better in the pictures

Cut out 2 of the Tea bag tiles

Fold in half corner to corner

Fold the top point down over the bottom straight edge so it overlaps slightly

Now you have a straight edge at the top take the right hand edge
and bring it down level with the bottom straight edge

Do the same with the other side

Make another one the same
Turn them sideways

For the body of the Butterfly I used a green oval gem and some beading wire for the antennae which I stuck on with silicone glue.
When they were dry I added one each side on the front of the money wallet I threaded a ribbon through the tag and tied it around the centre of the wallet and added "just for you" & straight edge border peel offs coloured with a peel off pen

Megan's Desk Tidy

This is the desk tidy that Megan made using one of the fairy papers from Free Craft Downloads
She made it herself and has done some of the typing on here too - so forgive the spelling mistakes

I used 3 carbord choobs and some fairy paypers
also you need some dubul sidid stikey tape and glue

I cut the choobs to the siyz I wanted

and cuverd them in the fairy paper

I cut some thick card and cuverd it with the other fairy payper

I stuk the choobs togethr

and glued them on the bord

This is my fairy desk tidiy Mum put it on here for me I hope you liyk it