Thursday, 18 June 2009

Robot - Luke

Crafty Robots CD


Party Invite

For this card I used

A4 white card
Decoupage = luke_sign
Background paper = complimentary = background04_a4_l
Background paper = complimentary = background02_a4
Background paper = Luke = background11_a4_l
Tea bag tiles = 4cm = Luke4cm002
Gold border peel-off coloured blue with peel-off pen

1) I printed, cut out and made up the decoupage design instead of having a white centre in the sign I used a small piece of the background 4 paper and typed out "You are invited to my party" and stuck it in the centre of the sign and added a peel off border.

2) I folded the A4 card in half to make an A5 size card

3) I used the background 4 and luke background papers cut diagonally to fit the card

4) The background 2 paper I cut to approx 9cm wide x 15cm long and stuck it in the centre of the card

5) I added the decoupage to the centre of the card on the background paper

6) I used 1 teabag tile and cut it diagonally then again to make 4 triangles which I added as corners.