Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Pyramid Box

My 3rd offering this week from Free Craft Downloads

A Small Pyramid Box

I decided to use the pyramid box template with one of the Egyptian Papers

I chose to Use Papyrus 5 Paper
Letters to make the word G I F T

I used one of the Pyramid Templates - I have one of these as a "master" and draw around it when using different Papers
What you could do if you prefer is to print the Plain Pyramid template on the back of your chosen piece of card - That will save you having to draw around the template and the lines will be there for you to score & fold. They won't be seen on the outside of your card as they will be inside the box when made up.

I printed out the Papyrus design on to a sheet of A4 white card I then drew around the Pyramid Template and scored along the lines

Before making it up I punched a hole in 2 sides of the triangular sections (this is used to thread ribbon through

I cut out the letters I needed (GIFT) and layered them on scraps of brown pearl card I stuck one on each side of the box

I threaded a ribbon through the top of the box and tied it
I left the side of the box open so something can be put in it
These can be used like little favour boxes, Birthday Boxes (add a sweet treat)
or you could put a small gift inside EG.. Jewellery)

Picture 1 View of G and I
Picture 2 View of F & T