Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chick Birthday Card

This card is made using this weeks Chick Template from Free Craft Downloads
I made my own backing paper with the Backing Paper Builder I chose a Yellow Background with blue text saying Happy Birthday

I also used a Blue Bubbles Backing Paper
A Yellow Bubbles Backing Paper
The Chick Template
I chose to print all these A4 size

I printed out the Happy Birthday backing paper on white card
I also printed 2 sheets of the yellow bubbles and one of the blue
With the sheets of yellow bubbles I put them back through the printer to print the template on
One chick was cut out and stuck on a piece of the Blue Bubbles card & used on the front of the card It was stuck on using foam pads so that the beak would still be slightly open rather than flat
(Which is a bit difficult to see in this picture as it has been scanned)

I cut out a waistcoat shape from some of the Blue bubbles card edged it with a sliver wavy edged peel off and stuck it on the chick and added a bow

The other chick is used inside the card
Fold the Happy Birthday Card in half, then fold the paper with the chick template on in half with the chick on the inside You need to cut across the blue line then pinch in the diagonal lines the easiest way to see if you have done this right is to have the paper folded in half and where the beak is you will see a "cut out half diamond" shape
This was then stuck inside the card when you move the two outer edges of the card the chicks beak moves as though it is talking just to make the mouth look a bit more realistic I put a small piece of a pinkish peach coloured paper behind the beak when sticking the paper to the card
I made a waistcoat for this chick as well and added a bow

I thought this card would be suitable for a Child's Birthday
This template would be good for making Easter Cards as well


sonia said...

Hi Janet and Megan these chic cards are very good i will have a go my self on sunday when i get a day off work. Take care x

Janet said...

Thank you Sonia
They are quite easy & fun to make.
Hope you will enjoy making one too

Renee' said...

Hi Janet and Megan the ducks adorable lol

Renee' said...

Oh its a chick :) Thought it was a duck :) Still I love it

Janet said...

Hi Renee

I don't think he will mind being a Duck or Chick he's still cute :-)