Wednesday, 8 April 2009

With Love "side" card

Having used the "doubled card" template on the previous project I decided to use it again for this one but having it stand on it's side and this time printed on A5 size card.

Items I used were
one of the Easter spring flowers backing papers
Double card template
2 pieces of green card for layering
4 of the daffodil teabag tiles
a small green bow
some small green gems
gold straight line peel offs
gold With love peel off

I printed the spring flowers on to an A5 sheet of card then run the card back through the printer and printed the template A5 size in draft on the reverse (white side)

I folded the template in the same way as I did with the "Home Sweet Home" card

Then cut the green card to size first piece was 6cm by 6cm then the second was 5cm by 5cm and layered it up on the square part of the card then edged them with gold straight line peel offs

With the four tea bag tiles I folded them in a "Leo" fold and stuck them on to the green card
For those of you familiar with Tea bag folding you probably know how to do a "Leo" fold,
If you are not or are new to Tea bag folding and want to know how to do the fold Please just ask in the comment box and I'll add how to do it.

I added one of the Gems in the centre of the tea bag design and one on each corner, Using the off cut of the green card I layered it and and added a "with love" peel off and added it to the side of the card with a small bow to the bottom

This card is made with A5 size card and suitable to fit in an A6 size Envelope