Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Butterfly Waterfall Card

This weeks papers from Free Craft Downloads are Butterfly themed
You will find some lovely Butterfly Backing Papers Inserts, Tags and Labels in a variety of colours
There are also a couple of lovely decoupage sheets as well (My next project will be made using one of them)

This project I have done is a Butterfly Waterfall Card
The reason I have made this one is I couldn't choose between my favourite Butterfly papers to use so thought I would combine them all in a Waterfall card

The papers I used were
  • Blue Butterflies (printed A4 size)
  • Yellow Butterflies (printed A4 size)
  • Pale Green Butterflies (printed A5 size)
  • Pale Pink Butterflies (printed A5 size)

I used the Blue as my base card Printed it on A4 white card folded in half to make an A5 card I added some silver corner and border peel offs to this
I used the Pink one cut to 13cm wide by 17cm long to this I just added silver border peel offs
The Green one was cut to 11cm wide by 15cm long and this had corner and border peel offs like the Blue one
The Yellow one was made into the "Waterfall Mechanism"

I then printed a blue paper A6 size and the green and pink were printed twice as Thumbnail size to which I added some silver Butterfly peel offs then layered them on the blue sheet and cut out leaving a 4mm border
I added a couple of Dragonfly brads to attach the mechanism to the green card and a piece of green ribbon to "pull" and a "With Love" Silver peel off

I'm pleased with how this card turned out
I feel the colours go really well together


kate64 said...

Hi thats a lovely card that you have made i wish that i could make one kate

Janet said...

Thank you for your comments Kate.
It was quite a while before I had a go at making a waterfall card I kept thinking it would be too difficult They are easier to make than they look
Hope you get to have a go at making one