Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Home Sweet Home

I really enjoyed making this card & hope you will like it too

I have used this weeks Doubled card template from Free Craft Downloads and have decided to make a new home card with it
I also used the backing paper builder to make the "outside" of the card I typed in "Good luck in your new home" and printed it one one side of the card and I used one of the dog bones backing papers printed out on the other side of the card I then printed the template in draft on the side of the dog bones. I also used the Cute puppy decoupage Printed twice once on A4 paper and once on A5 paper sizes
Score along the lines of the template and fold on the lines when I first had a go at folding this type of card I got in a bit of a pickle so I will explain here the best I can how to fold it

1)With the paper portrait have the dog bones facing you fold left to right vertically and crease well along the fold line

2) fold the top down towards you and crease well along the fold line

3) The fold lines that are on a slight angle need to be folded away from you and again creased well ( I've shown a side view of what it looks like after the folding)

Here is how it looks once folded - a view of the "outside"with wording made on the backing paper builder

Side view of finished card The decoupage has been added and on the other side out of view peel offs have been added on to an oval piece of card saying home sweet home