Monday, 27 April 2009

A Glass Painted Card

I thought I would have a try at something other than "Tea Bag Folding" with the new Online Tile Maker from Free Craft Downloads

I used a line drawing of a Butterfly and chose Square 8 sector 12cm size tiles When I was happy with the pattern it made I saved it to the computer, then printed it It does print 2 designs of this size and as I only used one the other was given to my daughter to colour in

I outlined the design on to acetate and left to dry I then proceeded to glass paint it I love to use Rainbow Glass solvent based paints they are easy to use and keep their colour well

I cut out a 12cm square aperture in a 15cm square card and put the glass painted design in it and I added a small gem to the centre

If you have never tried Glass Painting before and are thinking of giving it a go you will find lots of useful information & help on this Glass Painting site

The finished card

If you like the idea of making something like this and don't want to try Glass Painting you can do similar things using O.H.P. Markers, Peel off pens, Glitters, Crystal Lacquers, anything that you can use with acetate
If you have Printable acetate  you could make a design like I did then "colour it in" using your graphics package on your computer then print it on to the printable acetate which would give a similar look to glass painting