Monday, 6 April 2009

Money Wallet with T-Bag fold Butterflies

While Megan was making her Desk Tidy I decided to make a Money Wallet
Last week on Free Craft Downloads as well as the fantastic Fairy designs was a lovely selection of Flower (photo) Backing Papers, inserts, tags labels and tea Bag tiles

I decided to use A White Flower Backing Paper and the Matching Tea bag tiles
This is a very simple project to do which I think looks much nicer when giving Money or a Gift Voucher as a Gift rather than just putting it inside an Envelope

I cut around the template and made it up according to the simple instructions printed on the template.
With a small piece of the card that is left I made up a gift tag to add to the ribbon
Using the Tea Bag tiles I made 2 small Butterflies to add to the money wallet

The Butterfly only uses 2 tiles (per Butterfly) I will try and show how to do the fold here
The only reason there are black lines around the tiles is so the folds show up better in the pictures

Cut out 2 of the Tea bag tiles

Fold in half corner to corner

Fold the top point down over the bottom straight edge so it overlaps slightly

Now you have a straight edge at the top take the right hand edge
and bring it down level with the bottom straight edge

Do the same with the other side

Make another one the same
Turn them sideways

For the body of the Butterfly I used a green oval gem and some beading wire for the antennae which I stuck on with silicone glue.
When they were dry I added one each side on the front of the money wallet I threaded a ribbon through the tag and tied it around the centre of the wallet and added "just for you" & straight edge border peel offs coloured with a peel off pen