Sunday, 3 May 2009

Pop-Up Castle Card

The following card is made using a template which will be available shortly from Free Craft Downloads.

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Papers I used for the castle template
Clouds 1 Sheet printed on A5 paper
Grass 1 Sheet printed on A5 Paper
Stone 3 Sheets printed on A4 White card
Stone2 1 Sheet printed on A6 Paper
Wood 1 Sheet printed on A6 Paper

To make the card:-
1 A4 sheet of card as the base card - Colour / design your choice (I used the stone design which is why I printed 3 sheets. If you choose a different design you will only need to print 2 sheets for the Template)
I used 2 A4 sheets of white card which I printed the Stone design on
then put them back through the printer to print the Castle templates 1&2
I printed the Clouds and Grass designs on to A5 size white paper
then printed the dark stone & the wood designs on to A5 paper

On the inside of the base card I put the clouds paper as a background and the grass paper as the base & cut out the castle designs and the bits to attach it to the card

Using a craft knife I carefully cut out the windows
I used the wood paper to cover the drawbridge and the darker stone paper to cover the tops of the castle

From this picture you will see how I have stuck the little U shapes to the back of the castle

Here is how it looks stuck to the back of the card

This is how I attached the front part of the castle to the back part using the little U shapes again

This is how the finished inside of the card looks It will now fold down flat to go inside an A5 size envelope

For the front of the card I used a castle decoupage which I made up and stuck to a piece of silver holographic card
Using a Blue peel off marker I coloured a Happy Birthday Peel -off in Blue and stuck it on
I also coloured in some wavy border peel off's and edged the holographic card with them

One of the things I like about this type of template is that it enables you to make a 3D card which can be folded and still be sent through the post a lot easier than other 3D templates that are around, and it is quite easy to make up

The version below may be more suited to a Girl

Papers used for this card were :-

Clouds 1 Sheet printed on A5 paper
Grass 1 Sheet printed on A5 Paper
Lilac Gingham 1 sheet printed on A5 paper
Pink Gingham 1 sheet printed onA4 Card (to use as my base card)
Pink Bark 2 sheets printed on A4 card (put back through printer to print both templates on)

(Same Decoupage was used for the front but the colour was changed from Blue to Pink)