Monday, 30 March 2009

Tea Bag Folding

I have done some in the past but not much, whenever I had seen tea bag folded designs on cards I had thought they were very complicated to do and I wouldn't be able to manage them - How wrong I was

Free Craft Downloads have started to do some Tea Bag Tiles

This card is made using the Fairy Tea bag tiles


You will need 7 tiles I used the fairy1 design

1) Fold the square diagonally with the the right side on the outside

2)Open out the tile and fold one side from the point in to the middle

3)Do the same with the other side making sure you have a nice neat point at the bottom

4)As the tile is facing you fold the top edge down so it is level

5)Fold the point at the bottom up to the top edge then turn the tile over ( this picture shows the tile when turned over as well)

6)Fold the narrower bottom edge up to the wider top edge (as you do that you will see the point of the triangle appear at the bottom that will be the point on the star) Underneath you will see a small "triangle" showing white as it is the wrong side just pop a dab of glue on it and fold back up

Now these are ready to assemble

Just pop a dab of glue on the right hand edge of each tile in turn and stick the next one to it until you reach the last one and glue both ends

There you have your "starburst" The shape may need some minor ajustment before the glue dries

I chose to use a part of the Fairy decoupage picture and stuck it to the underside of the frame

Then just edged the card with silver border peel offs, with a small lilac gem in each of the four corners, added a silver Happy Birthday Peel-off and a Silver butterfly peel off was put on some dark pink hand made paper and cut out and stuck using a foam pad (bend the wings up slightly)

If you use different size tiles you would get a different size frame.

Go take a look at the Fairy Tea Bag Tile Designs on Free Craft Downloads there are some really nice ones to use


sonia said...

Hi Janet thats a lovely card i tried to do that fold but i forgot how to do it, now i know after seeing how you did it lol....
love the design very very nice indeed well done.