Monday, 30 March 2009

Fairy Shaker Card

I love this design and had great fun making the card which I'm sure any little girl would like to receive
My daughter loved it when she saw it this morning
There is a Fantastic selection of the Fairy design in its own section on Free Craft Downloads
I know I'm going to use these quite often

I used
A 5x7 aperture card
A clear plastic bubble front
I used the Fairy Decoupage 1 and the Fairies backing paper from Free Craft Downloads
a self adhesive silver balloon
some fine beading wire
some tiny gold stars (for the shaker)
some bigger gold stars
gold wavy edge peel off
a gold bow
Some foam pads

I printed out the Fairy backing paper and the decoupage A5 size
I fixed the fairy backing paper over the front of the aperture card and trimmed around it then turned it over to cut out the aperture (easier to see that way)
Then added a gold wavy edged peel off around the front of the aperture and the edges of the card
I cut out and assembled the fairy decoupage and left it to dry also used the clear gel pen on the fairy wings and dress too
I wrapped a small length of beading wire around the end of an embossing tool to get a spring effect then glued one end to the back of the balloon and the other to the back of the fairies hand and left to dry. I did this because originally I was going to add an age on the balloon but later decided to leave it so it would be suitable for any age.
I used a clear sakura gelly roll pen to "sparkle" the fairy wings on the backing paper they look lovely when the light catches them but a bit difficult to see in the picture
I used silicone glue to attach the bubble front to the aperturue card and left that to dry
I took another small length of beading wire and wrapped around the embossing tool again for a spring effect I attached one end of this one to the back of the head of the fairy decoupage and left to dry
When all the bits were dry I started assembling the card by taking the fairy decoupage and taping it to the top of the bubble front
The idea being that when the card is shaken it looks like the fairy is flying and waving her magic wand
I sprinkled in quite few very tiny gold stars and glued a few of the larger stars to the back of the card I put some small foam pads all around the edge of the bubble so it would give the tiny stars more room to shake and not be able to escape
Double sided tape was added to the edge of the backing of the aperture card, folded it over and sealed it.
Gave it a shake - It worked!!