Monday, 23 March 2009

Glass Painting

This is another Craft I enjoy doing - I first came across Glass Painting when Alan and Barry were on Create and Craft a few years back I loved watching their demonstrations It looked easy so I sent for some products to have a go.
When I first started I found it wasn't as easy as it looked I did find it quite difficult especially the outlining I had a few attempts then gave up and started card making.

After about 12 months I thought I would try again - I did and stuck with it and glad I did. It has been very rewarding and I really enjoy it.
As I said I did find the outlining quite difficult at first but with encouragement from a very good friend called Bob I kept trying and although I'm not brilliant at it yet I have improved and no longer paranoid if it's not perfect.
About two and a half to three years ago I also came across a Glasspainting website.It is full of very useful Information, Designs, Projects etc. The owner of the site has also done some tutorial videos which help a great deal (you can find these videos under my blog archive on the right and also on website) There is a great practice sheet for outlining on the site too.

Here is a selection of things I have painted

2 sides of a vase I painted

A clock and a Tigerlilly

A Greeting card and a Vase

Hope you like these pictures
If you have a go at glass painting don't give up try and persevere with it. It is a very rewarding and relaxing craft.