Tuesday, 24 March 2009

R. A. K. Card

One of the forums I am a member of has a "R.A.K. Club" - R.A.K stands for Random Act of Kindness and once a month you make a card for someone else on the list and you should receive one too. Obviously you know who you are sending your card to but you don't know who you are going to receive one from until it arrives

I like to Glass Paint the R.A.K. Cards I send and would like to show you the one I made for someone this month

As I have enjoyed using some of the basic templates from Free Craft Downloads I thought I would use another one for my RAK card
This time I used the A4 basic square
For the outside of the card I used
1 piece of A4 White Card
A piece of pale blue vellum
A fairy decoupage design
some small pink gems
For the inside of the card I used
1 piece of A4 White Card
1 sheet of the pink celtic backing paper from free craft downloads
The A4 basic square template
A Suncatcher that I Glass Painted

How I made the cardI folded a sheet of the white card in half to make an A5 size card, I cut out and assembled the fairy decoupage and while that was drying I paper pricked the design on to the blue vellum. After cutting it out I attached it with small dots of sillicone glue around the edge and put the fairy decoupage in the middle. where the small dots of sillicone were I put some small pink gems (as well as looking nice they cover the sillicone so it doesn't show) I then attached the pink celtic paper to the back of the outer card
I made the inside of the card by folding the other sheet of white card in half then using the square template traced around it and cut out the square centre I folded the edges in to the middle I glued the 2 outer edges on to the inside of the card giving a square pop up effect I then added a small peel off glass painted butterfly to each corner
A few days ago I glass painted a fairy bee suncatcher which I wanted to use with this card so I attached it to the middle of the square It can be removed easily if the person wishes to use it as a suncatcher