Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The card with no name

I hadn't realised it was so long since I had posted on here, time goes by so quickly when you are having fun and keeping busy

I haven't got a clue what the "proper" name for this type of card is - If you know what they are called would you please either leave a comment to let me know or let me know through the Free Craft Downloads Forum
If you are not yet a member of the forum I hope you will consider joining us there. The members are very friendly. There is lots of help and info on there and the addition of a Quotes Database and Build your own Backing Paper Where you can make your own papers for your craft projects just follow the simple instructions there is nothing to download to your computer other than to save the paper you make

The project I'm doing here is a sample for Free Craft Downloads

From Free Craft Downloads I used

4 sheets of card. I used easter_spring_006_ls
Some leftover Tags ( easter_spring005) from another project
Template 5x7 Oval

Other items used were
Double sided tape
scraps of card card in Silver, Yellow Green and lilac
Embellishments of own choice
Seed beads in Purple and yellow
Beading wire
How I made it

I printed the card in the design I wanted (even though the design prints on to A4 card make sure your printer is set to print it 5x7 size to make sure it prints the correct size

I then put the card back through the printer to print the template on the back

I cut around the blue lines to get the required size - folded it in half then cut out the oval in the middle

I then made up the "hanger" from some fine beading wire and seed beads in purple and yellow leaving bare wire at the top so it is easier to fix to the card

I put double sided tape along the three straight edges of one half of the pieces of the card and joined it to the second piece of the card, then did the same with the third piece joining it to the second then did the same with the fourth and joined it to the third.

Before joining the fourth piece of card to the first, I fixed on the "hanger" for the suspended embellishment in the middle. Then joined the fourth piece to the first piece (hope I haven't confused you there)

I chose an Easter Chick to suspend in the middle so one side to the beads then glued on a second chick so it is the same both sides.

While the glued chick was drying I got on with decorating the other sides of the card.When it is all completely dry, it folds flat to fit in a 5x7 envelope

Hope you like it


simbakid said...

I was watching create and craft on ideal World and these cards are called spinning cards. They look pretty easy to make and they used a kebab stick for the middle, glueing 2 beads on the inside of the card to stop it slipping and another 2 at the top. They also had templates for a few different shapes which can be found on their website. Well done on the one you've made.

Janet said...

Thanks for that simbakid
I haven't seen the programme on there, I was just following some instructions given to me and hoping I came up with the right thing. I chose to suspend the chick on beading wire so that with some slight movement it looks like it is flying.