Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday School Card For Mothers Day

We did it

The Card I chose to make with the children was the "Coffee Cup" card using the template from Free Craft Downloads

After 2 days of printing and cutting out and miles of double sided sticky tape later I sat here this morning just before it was time to go having doubts about mass producing the "same card" a couple of hours later any doubts were very far from my mind and there was 25 "individual" cards. The Children all did very well with them and fun was had by all.
I know when their Mothers Open them they are going to be so proud of what their child made

The coffee cup card

We used
The Coffee Cup Template
A 5x7 Card
A simple "Happy Mother's Day" banner made on the computer
Some Flower embellishments printed & cut out from the Wings and Flowers CD
Some Black and White Butterflies cut from the same CD
A Teabag
A verse for the inside of the card ( * see end of posting)

How we made them
Because of not having a lot of time for Crafts in Sunday School (1/2 hour start to finish) everything was cut out ready to go
I chose to leave the black outline on the coffee cup to stand out more against the base card
The Children chose which colour card they wanted and which colour coffee cup to use
They chose which coloured banner and flowers they wanted and set about assembling their cards
The cup was stuck on to the card (some did the cards portrait some did them landscape)
The Flowers were added wherever the children chose to add them some put them on the cup some put them on the card some put them inside the card
Again the same with the butterflies I had left these black and white so the children could colour them in,
An individually wrapped teabag was put inside the cup
the verse and their own words were added inside too
A few of the children added a Flower or a Butterfly to the corner of the envelope where a stamp would go

The picture here of the finished card is the one Megan made for me. She chose to Colour a bit of the card to look like the cup was on a table

* The verse we put inside was
I would like to Thank You Mum
For all the things you've done

You deserve a rest
Because you are the best

Put your feet up
And enjoy a nice cup

Of tea
From Me

Our Project for next week in Sunday School is
A Hug in a Box