Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Father's Day Fishing Record

Well Father's Day is fast approaching here in the UK (21st June)
So I have decided that this weeks project with Papers from Free Craft Downloads will be something for Father's Day

I have made a Father's Day Fishing Record using last weeks fishing papers.
Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to make / give for Fathers day so thought of making this for those who enjoy fishing like my Father I'll find out if he likes it on Fathers day

This could also be made for a Birthday and for Women who like fishing too.

It is A5 in size
The papers I used were :
Fishing 2 sheets of A4 (printed both sides on white card)
Floats 2 sheets of A4 (printed one side on white card)
I also used 2 sheets of A4 plain brown card from my card stock
Some ribbon / string / something to tie the "pages" together
Embellishments of your choice for the front and for the inside if you want to add them inside)

I cut the "Fishing" Card in half so I had 4 A5 size pieces of card (punch holes with a hole-punch)
The Brown card stock I cut into 6 pieces - Approx size = 15cm wide x 8cm high

The Floats card I cut in to 6 pieces - Approx Size = 13 cm wide x 6cm high
I cut 6 smaller pieces of the brown card approx size = 8cm wide x 2cm high
I put the small brown pieces on the float card then added that to the larger pieces of Brown card

I then stuck it on the bottom of the A5 fishing card stick both sides and the bottom (don't stick the top down so you can put things in the pockets )
I added wording to the relevant pockets

I have made a simple "Record chart" to put in two of the pockets
I printed it landscape on A4 paper cut it out and Concertina folded it

I put 2 in each pocket ) So there is plenty of space to record "Catches"
I made them so they could be removed giving them the option of taking the chart out to add the information and also to add other charts to the pocket if needed

There are Three pockets to add photos and I added some plain paper in the pocket at the back for general notes

I tied the Record together with some mulberry string.
This idea could also be used for Football, Darts, etc by using relevant papers and making a chart