Friday, 8 May 2009

Teacher Gift Set

This weeks Papers from Free Craft Downloads saw the start of "Professions"
Over the coming months various professions will be added. Teachers start us off. The papers feature The Patron Saint of Teachers - Jean Baptiste de La Salle. It's nice to be able to use something different rather than having to use Teddy bears in Gowns and Mortar boards

End of school year is coming up in a few weeks time and My thoughts turned to the ""End of term gift for Teacher" I thought this would be something nice for "Teacher" to receive and hopefully be more useful than the many boxes of chocolates they receive

The Design I chose to use for this project was Teacher 007

To make the pencil

1 pencil (you could use a pen if you wish)
1 tassel (made or bought - I used one I made)
1 inch strip of the Teacher paper

Put a strip of double sided tape on the pencil and another strip on the paper peel off one edge of the tape and attach the end of the tassel then attach the paper to the tape on the pencil , roll it up tightly and attach the other end

The notebook
1 hardbacked notebook (I used an A6 size one)
1 sheet of the teacher paper mentioned above

Measure the paper allowing some to overlap inside.
Gently score lines down where the spine of the book is. Attach with double sided tape or glue it down

On the front of the book I used one of Jean Baptiste's quotes "To touch the hearts of your pupils is the greatest miracle you can perform"
If you want to make the inside of the cover look neater after covering it just cut a piece of the paper to size and stick it on

The notepad holder
I used The Teacher 007 design which I printed on A4 white card
I bought a pack of 4 note pads 76mm x 76mm

On the A4 printed sheet I drew around a
Template I made

Then cut it out assembled it and put in
the note pads

I hope you will agree that it is a nice gift and suitable for Male and Female Teachers

There are many other designs on Free Craft Downloads you could use to make this set for various other occasions
If you haven't visited the site yet please do so
Happy Crafting


Renee' said...

ohoh I Like that set :) I need a set like that for my desk :)
Great Job