Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Parasol Card

When I saw this weeks "holiday" papers for Free Craft Downloads I thought of a Parasol - 2 reasons One being the little cocktail parasols you have for drinks The other thinking of sitting under a parasol enjoying a drink (maybe it should be an umbrella knowing the weather we have here )
I went into panic mode when I couldn't find my parasol template I searched everywhere - It was late so I decided to "sleep on it " and hope I woke fresher minded to remember where it was.
3am this morning I was sat in bed scribbling notes on how I could make one if I couldn't find the one I had

The papers I've used are
(Blue) Drinks 05 1 A4 Sheet (Trimmed to make a 5x7 size card)
(Yellow) Drinks 02 1 A5 Sheet
I also used
A bamboo skewer (trimmed to 12cm)
A piece of ribbon to wrap around the skewer
4 pony beads
Small bow

I decided to go with the Parasol I had an idea for
here it is :

To make the parasol I drew around a CD then cut the circle out I chose to cut it with fancy shaped edged scissors you could do it straight edged if you want to or do a scalloped edge using a small coin or something else circular

After cutting it out I folded the circle in half then in half again a further 3 times so you end up with a small V shape (16 sections)

I then cut along one of the lines to the centre then cut off 3 of the small sections so you end up with 13 sections

Glue or put double sided tape along the edge of one section and fix the next full section to it.
Put a strip of double sided tape on every other section I coloured the backing on the tape for you to see it easier

If you are using the paper I used or another paper with images on when you are working on your parasol make sure you have it the "right way" as when you fold in half - one half will be the right way the other upside down When your Parasol is displayed on your card you want the right way up to show

When you have taped them together it should look like this

Gently push the skewer through the parasol until about 3cm is showing at the bottom thread on your bead and glue
Thread 3 more beads on the top of the parasol and add a ribbon if you wish

Stick the parasol onto your card blank

You can either decorate the card further or leave it blank
I just typed out Happy Holidays and added it to the top of the card edged with a gold line peel off I also added gold border peel offs


sonia said...

i can not wait to give this one a go Janet yours is lovely....

Janet said...

Thank You Sonia Your comments are very much appreciated
It took a little while to work out how to make the parasol bit (how many sections I needed) but got there in the end
Hope you enjoy making one

Renee' said...

oh love the umbrella :)