Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Decoupage Castle

If you liked the Pop up Castle from last week on Free Craft Downloads then you should like this weeks Decoupage Castle.
It can be used on the front of the Pop up Castle card or if you don't want to make a pop up card you can use this decoupage on it's own.
This one is similar to the pop up one I made It is quite easy to cut out and assemble so ideal for a quick card,
For this one the papers I used were
foam 1 sheet A5 size
stones 1 sheet A6 size
grass 1 sheet A6 size
snow2 1 sheet A6 size
Castle Decoupage 5x7 size

I chose to print some of the papers A6 size as they fit on the size of the card better, and use less ink not having to print a full A4 sheet . If you choose to do a larger or smaller card then you may need a different size of paper

I cut out and assembled the decoupage and left it to one side while I made the rest of the card I chose not to cut out the windows as they were quite small so instead I went over them with a silver glitter pen they catch the light quite nicely but a bit difficult to see in the photo.

I took an A4 piece of white card folded in half to make an A5 card on to this I stuck the foam paper
I then trimmed the snow and grass papers and added them on to the foam paper stuck on the decoupage and I cut a wavy "path" from the stones paper and stuck it on the grass
Lastly I added some Silver peel off corners, a border and a Happy Birthday