Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Acetate Fairy Card

When I had the idea for making this card I was going to  pick up on the purples in the image but last minute chose not to and went with blues now seeing the finished result I'm glad I did
The card was quite easy to make and I'm pleased with the results

I have used a Fantasy fairy decoupage sheet and one of the older backing papers.from Free Craft Downloads

I used ~
1 A4 sheet of white card
Blue backing paper
The main fairy image from fantasy fairy 8 decoupage sheet
1 sheet of printable acetate
rectangle of silvery glittery mirror card
2 blue star gems
silver borders and letters  peel offs
small piece of pale blue pearl effect textured paper
4 tiny blue gems

I printed the blue backing paper "Draft" to get a paler effect
I chose this backing paper because I felt it fitted with the fairy design as she was  looking out to sea and also it's nice to mix old with new
I stuck the backing paper on the base card and trimmed the edges then edged it with silver wavy peel offs  At the top I stuck 3 pale blue star gems on with sillicone glue and left to dry

I cropped the main fairy image and pasted it twice in a new document ( I also did this with the larger oval on the sheet  reason being I now have 4 images to use on 4 different cards and not wasted any of the acetate I printed on )

I left a border of acetate along the 2 longer edges of the rectangle  but scored along the edge of the image I cut the rectangle of silvery glittery mirri card a couple of millimetres smaller than the fairy image, folded along the 2 score lines and using double sided tape stuck the 2 sides to the back of the card.
The "Rough side" of acetate is printed on so I turned it over to have the smooth side showing on the card - the fairy is now facing the other way

This gave a raised effect to the acetate image (like a bubble front )

I tried to show it in this photo by "looking down on it" but it's a bit difficult to see

I made up a small rectangular topper with the piece of pale blue textured paper I used silver letter peel offs to make "Thinking of you" wording then a silver wavy edged one to finish of, then in each of the 4 corners I added a tiny blue gem  (They are a bit fiddly to get the adhesive on so I did it with the edge of a cocktail stick) and left it to dry

I stuck the fairy image in the centre of the card and added the topper underneath

I really liked the effect of the silvery glittery mirri card when it catches the light
It is difficult to see from a picture on here but if you make one of these cards I hope you agree
The effect it has on the fairy's dress and wings looks lovely when it catches the light a certain way and also when it catches the light you can see the full image reflecting in the silver of the card