Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Zodiac Card - Virgo

I've had a very busy week with yet another busy weekend & week ahead so am a little behind with this project.

A Thank You must go to Bob who himself had a very busy time last week and has another ahead of him this weekend
He still managed to find time to do these Zodiac papers / Decoupage for Free Craft Downloads
Thank You and have a great time at Ely Festival

We have the last Zodiac sign for you this week which is Virgo
There are now all 12 signs on the site

The Zodiac papers are listed under their individual names

For this card I have used

1 A4 sheet of Yellow card
Virgo Decoupage sheet
Virgo 2 backing paper
Virgo 6 backing paper
Gold peel - offs (a wavy border and thin straight border)
A gold bow
Some blue and amber coloured square gems

I folded the piece of yellow card in half to A5 size
Then cut it to an Octagonal shape
I made it so it would fit inside a 6 x6 inch (15 x 15cm) Envelope

I then cut out 2 smaller Octagonal shapes
One was 1cm smaller than the yellow card
Then the other was cut 1cm smaller than that one

I cut out and made up the Virgo decoupage
I decided I would colour in the Red flower with a red glitter pen
I coloured her feet with a light gold glitter pen so it looked like she has gold slippers on
I also went over the wording "Virgo" with a clear glitter pen
A bit hard to see in the picture but shines nicely when it catches the light

After sticking the Octagonal shapes and the Decoupage onto the Yellow base card I added some gold border peel - offs around the edges of each Octagon
I also added a thin straight line border peel off to the edge of the decoupage.
Around the edge of the Yellow base card I stuck on some Blue and Amber coloured small square gems
Then finished off with a Gold bow centrally at the base of the decoupage

Here is the Finished Card

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