Friday, 3 July 2009

Mosaic Fish

This week I have been busy making cards for our Church Charity Coffee Morning,
I decided I needed a break from card making the other night and Glass Painted a mosaic fish which I thought I would add here for you to see.

I used the design from the "Simple Glass Painting" book By Cheryl Owen. There are some lovely designs in this Book I bought mine from Amazon a real bargain at 1p plus P&P

I decided to use the design on a 6x4 clip frame, in the book it was painted on a vase with waves on it I didn't want the waves so filled in with more squares where the waves should have been I outlined the design using Alan and Barrys Black outliner Then left it to dry.
(Apologies for missing the right hand outlined edge off the picture)

I painted the design using Alan and Barry's solvent based Glass Paints
The colours I used were, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Purple, White (for the eye) and Clear. I used the clear paint to lighten some of the other colours

I enjoyed painting this and it was an enjoyable break from card making.

Rainbow Glass Transparent Paints