Friday, 17 July 2009

Tulip Card

On Free Craft Downloads this week we have a lovely set of Tulip Backing papers, inserts, tags and labels, a decoupage and a pyramid sheet

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and even thought Tulips are more of a spring flower I love to see them on cards any time of the year
On a dull rainy dismal days like today - Wouldn't it make you feel better if you received a card with a nice bright tulip on it
If the weather didn't make you smile the tulip would

For this card I have used
An A4 sheet of pale green card
The Tulip decoupage
Tulip 05 paper printed A5 size
Tulip 08 paper printed A5 size
Some gold border & a"Best Wishes" peel off
2 Star gems
A small Green bow

I measured a rectangle shape 20cm high, 28cm wide on the green sheet of card,
Measure in from the left hand side 4.5cm and score a vertical line, then from the same edge measure in 9.5cm and again score vertically
Do the same from the right hand edge
Then from the first score lines score a line from the top & bottom edges to the middle of the outer section on both sides (hope I havent confused anyone here it is easy to do)
cut out the rectangle shape I used some fancy edges scissors to cut the "Triangluar" edges then fold along the score lines The "Triangular edges need to fold outwards and the inner score lines need to fold in. When folded this should leave a DL size card
(picture on the left is to show you the shape)

I cut out and made up the tulip decoupage while the silicone glue was "setting" I got on with making the rest of the card
I cut a piece of the yellow tulip paper and stuck it to the middle section of the card then cut a smaller piece of the green paper and layered that on
The Star Gems I had were blue so I coloured them in green with my peel off pens then stuck them to the outer edge of the Triangular sides so when the card is folded these are on the front of the card and put a gold border peel off along the straight edge
On the inside of the card I edged the papers with gold border peel offs and stuck a "best wishes" peel off on a scrap of the pale green card I cut off trimmed it to fit in the middle panel near the bottom and edged it with a gold peel off and stuck it on with a small green bow on the top right edge of it then added the tulip decoupage near to the top


barb said...

I love the unusual shape of this card it is so adaptable thank you Janet.