Monday, 27 July 2009

Flip Card

I really like this template and I was stuck for choice which papers to use with it each time I thought I had chosen the "right" ones I wanted to use others
The card is quite easy to make & if you have some pieces of card to use up you could do a plain or contrasting frame then use the smaller pieces of card for the rectangle

To make this card I decided to use the Fairies design from a little while ago on Free Craft Downloads
1 A4 size white card to print the Backing paper
1 A4 size Decoupage
I also used
2 cocktail sticks (with points cut off)
4 foam pads
peel offs
Flip Card Template
(This card will fit inside a 6 x6 inch envelope)

You will need to use a fairly thick card with this template (I used 300gsm card) as you don't want the frame to be floppy
I printed the template on one side of the card then turned the card over and printed the Fairy design I had chosen on to the other side

Cut the template out (you will need the inner rectangle as well ) the 2 small strips and the other rectangle
You will see 2 small dashed lines at the centre of the Frame - Stick 2 foam pads either side approx half a centimetre down from the line

Place the frame flat on your work surface then place one of the rectangles in the gap in the centre this is just an easy way to find the centre of the rectangle so you can stick on the cocktail sticks (I chose to stick them on with silicone glue you could use a wet glue)

Fold the frame in half along the dashed lines
leave the cocktail sticks to dry

Stick the small tabs on the bottom of the frame this will help stop the frame from splaying out

I added some double sided sticky tape to one of the rectangles to enable me to stick one rectangle to the other Remember to stick one the right way up and the other upside down so that when you flip/turn over the card it will be the right way up

I cut out and assembled the decoupage then stuck it in the centre of one side of the rectangle I also added some border peel offs to the edges

For the other side you could add another picture or a verse or something else of your choice I chose to add a verse

I trimmed the cocktail sticks so that one was level with the frame so not seen from the edge the other side I left approx 3/4 cm sticking out this you can hold to turn so the card flips over
when I was happy with it I put it in place and stuck the foam pads to the other side of the frame holding the cocktail sticks in place

Time permitting this week I will make a couple of other samples
and add the pictures on here


Mungo said...

Great demo, thank you

Janet said...

Thank you Mungo Glad you like it
It is a great and easy template to use.

ann sanderson said...

Many thanks for such clear instructions, one could not go wrong with the photographs, brilliant, thanks for sharing