Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Still trying

I'm still trying to get the hang of digi stamps and more so the colouring of them

Over the weekend I have printed some  and been colouring them  I still can't see past them being  "colouring book" images though.

As I searched around for digi stamps to use I found a lot of them were for sale nothing wrong with that but I thought all the better if I could use free images  so then I thought to try and make it easier on myself I would use some images I am more familiar with - these are images I use quite often in my glass painting and are available here
Even though these are Glass Painting images I think they are suitable for digi stamping as well
The images  are black and white outline images, can be resized,   flipped,  and are of high quality.

To colour them in I have been using chalks, metallic pencils and normal pencils  the next ones I do  I'll have a go with watercolour pencils to see how they turn out

I'll choose a couple of the finished ones and add them on to cards   I may even be brave and put them on here :-)