Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Our first attempts

I've decided to be brave and put my first attempt here 
It looked ok when I did it but now I can see the photo  the colours on the wings look too stripy this is the sort of thing I will have to practice more

This design is the Parrot from the suncatcher section on site

I resized the parrot to 4cm wide by 6 cm high  and used two of them for this card I made

Megan thinks it's great that these designs can be made so small  sometimes when I print a design for glass painting after I've finished using it she has it to colour in 
She asked me to do a small teddy one for her so I used the Bear design from the suncatcher section  which has a 5cm diameter

Megan coloured it in with her pencils and drew and cut out a stand to put it on 

 I think hers looks much better than mine does

I will keep trying and hopefully improve with practice  
back to it........................