Thursday, 29 April 2010


I'm just airing some of my thoughts with my ongoing battle with it (The best stamping I do is with my foot on the floor in frustration )

I'm not really into stamping, not because I don't like it,  it's just something I seem to have difficulty with
Either because of actually stamping the image and not having enough ink on the pad so bits are missed or smudged,  I'm never sure which type of ink pad should be used when and what with, then personally for me on the rare occasion when I do manage to get the image stamped properly there is the added nightmare of colouring them in  it always looks like a 3 year old has done it.

Every so often I try again but have never stamped and coloured anything that I have been completely happy with My thoughts then turned to digi stamping, having heard the name here and there but not knowing anything about it I had a look around a few sites,  there were some really nice images but as with stamping that "Spark" just wasn't there  It just feels like colouring in a picture.

As with other things there are pro's and con's  but I think that Digi stamping is the way to go for me for now - If I can overcome my battle with the colouring in  then I will be more ready to face the battle with actual stamping.

To be continued ...................