Monday, 10 May 2010

Glass Painted Butterfly with Seed Beads and Gems

I haven't done any glass painting in a while so it was really nice to do some again It's very relaxing to do.

I used  Butterfly 3  design from the Glass Painting site  I resized the image so that it would fit inside a (5X7) photo frame I had here and used the glass from the frame to paint the butterfly on

I outlined the image and left it to dry overnight

 I chose the colours I wanted to use Orange, Light blue, Light green, Purple and  Clear (I prefer to  use Rainbow glass solvent based paints)  I used those colours because the frame has oranges and blues on the floral parts of it.
The seed beads I used were mixed shades of blue, and some white, the gems I used were small purple ones, a couple of clear ones  and a couple of amber coloured ones.
I also used a couple of larger beads for the antennae

I painted the middle part first and sprinkled in the seed beads (both blue and white) and added the larger beads to the antennae with some clear paint  so they could start drying while I painted another section of the butterfly 

 On the light green parts I decided to use some small purple gems and put one in the centre of each light green section, these went with the purple sections I painted in alternating with the green,  then I painted in the orange  sections 

When it was all dry I carefully wiped over the glass and put it in the frame.
I used a pale yellow glitter card for a backing on the frame

My original choice was gold mirri card which looked lovely with the frame but when I went to take the photo you could see the reflecion of the camera and me so changed my mind to the glitter card.


antonella said...

It's very pretty! Thank you for the tutorial, I think I'll try it. Ciao...