Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Easter Bunny Card

I really like this Easter Bunny Decoupage sheet from Free Craft Downloads this week
It is so cute I couldn't wait to use it

This is the card I made with it I also used one of the new Easter egg templates as well

"Hoppy Easter"

To make this card I used

Easter Bunny Decoupage sheet
Easter Egg Template
Painted eggs backing paper
1 sheet of A4 size Purple Card
2 Wobbly eyes
Some Black embroidery thread
"waste dots" off a gold peel off sheet
gold peel off letters and borders

I printed the Easter egg template on some purple card  then cut around the edges (I chose Purple to go with the purple easter egg the rabbit was holding )

 When cutting out the decoupage sheet I decided to "cut off" the rabbits whiskers - they are quite narrow but they are cuttable with a good eye and steady hand but instead I chose to add some black embroidery thread for whiskers I assembled the decoupage rabbit but before adding the last "face" layer (bit with the blue line on which was for cutting purposes ) using a cocktail stick I put some small amounts of silicone glue where the whiskers should be then stuck the thread on to them then put the last face layer on top when dry I trimmed the whiskers to a better size  I also added some wobbly eyes to the rabbit and let them dryI stuck on some of the small waste dots from a peel off sheet to the egg he was holding.

I printed the painted eggs sheet A5 size - This is one of our older papers but thought it was nice to use with this card I cut out an oval shape in this paper and stuck it on to the purple base card
I edged it with a gold border peel off I also added a peel off to the edge of the purple card

When the silicone was dry on the rabbit  I stuck him to the centre of the painted eggs oval  added a gold bow in the centre of  the bottom of the card

 I added "Hoppy Easter" .........well he is a bunny and they do hop