Thursday, 25 March 2010

Birthday Bunny Card

After making the Easter Bunny Card in the post below this one   I thought the rabbit decoupage would look nice on a birthday card for a young child
So what I did was substituted the "egg"  for a "Present" and made a Birthday Card

I used the rabbit decoupage sheet from Free Craft Downloads again
I also used a couple of the older papers we have on there
Clouds 3  
Scrabble tiles

I used a 5x7 cream card as my base card and printed the cloud, grass, decoupage and scrabble tiles sheets all in A5 size

I stuck the cloud paper to the base card and cut a jagged edge along the grass paper to make it look a bit like long grass when I was happy with it I stuck it to the bottom of the card.

In this picture you will see that on the 2nd layer of decoupage I have stuck a small foil present over the egg  it does cover the paws of the rabbit a bit but the next layer will make it "right" again

I have coloured in the rabbits ears with a clear glitter pen  used cotton for the whiskers again but this time left the eyes as they were I didn't add the wobbly eyes
as you can see the rabbit is holding a present now instead of an egg

I cut out and stuck on the scrabble tiles to make "Happy Birthday"

Here if you wanted to you could use tiles to spell out the childs name

I stuck the rabbit slightly behind the grass  which I think looked better than sticking it on the grass

Hope you like this card and it's a nice way of using the decoupage sheet - year round not just for Easter
Another thought is to substitute the egg  (like I did with the present) for a Heart and use different backing papers and use it as a Valentine card