Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Carol singers shaker card

Following on from the previous card 

I sometimes like to use this type of pyramid paper to make shaker cards

To make this one I used
A4 sheet of white hammered card
2 small square pieces of acetate
Snow 2 backing paper
Carol singers pyramid 2
snowman and present embellishments I had in my bits and pieces box
Happy Christmas peel off and some sparkly peel off snowflakes
some fake snow

I  folded the sheet of white card in half and stuck the snow backing paper to it and trimmed the edges
I made the reverse pyramid paper up in the same way as with the previous card but on layer 4 I stuck a piece of acetate to the top of it (so the snow doesn't fall too far down)

 To the back of layer 5 I stuck some foam pads all around the circle so the snow doesn't fall out then stuck it on top of the acetate on layer 4
A piece of acetate was then stuck to the back of layer 6 which would be the top layer then stuck the foam pads around the edge again
I added a small amount of fake snow to the centre of the assembled layers (on top of the acetate on layer 4)  then stuck the top layer down
Give it a shake and it looks like it is snowing on the Carol singers
I stuck it to the bottom right side of the card and stuck the snowman and present to the left side along the bottom I added some more fake snow and at the top left side I added the Happy Christmas peel off then randomly stuck some of the sparkly snowflake peel offs