Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Brewster the singer

Last weeks papers from  Free Craft Downloads was Brewster the singer
You will find them Here 
If you receive the Newsletter from Free Craft Downloads or are a member of the forum you will know there have been problems with the main gallery this past week and there is a new gallery now - which I'm sure you will find much easier to use  (The majority of the papers are there some of the backing papers are still being uploaded - all papers will be uploaded by the end of this week) 

This is the card I have made using the latest Brewster papers

I chose the Round "Reverse Pyramid" sheet because some people are unsure what they are or how to use them  Sometimes they are also known as "inverted pyramid" papers
This type  of decoupage is quick, easy to cut out and use and is ideal for those who find cutting out more intricate designs too difficult

To make the above card I used
1 sheet  of A4 hammered cream card
1 sheet of white pearl gold shimmer paper
An A4 sheet of blue card
Happy Birthday vertical peel off
Double sided tape
Double sided foam pads
Brewster singer 02
Guitar 06 ls l
music 02 ls l
music 01 ls  (From the teen pop papers)

I folded the A4 hammer card in half to make my base card and on to this I stuck the music 01 ls paper I then cut a piece of the guitar paper and mounted this on to a piece of  thin blue card and stuck it to the left side of the card. I then cut an even smaller piece of the (brewster) music paper and again mounted it on to a thin piece of blue card and stuck it on the guitar paper at an angle

I cut a thin strip of the guitar backing paper, stuck it down the centre of a piece of the thin blue card then added a vertical Happy Birthday peel off
This piece of card was then stuck on the right hand side of the card

 The main image from the reverse pyramid sheet was cut out and mounted on a piece of the blue card and stuck on the music paper. This had been printed on the sheet of A4 white gold shimmer paper - it glistens lovely when it catches the light (difficult to see in a picture)

To use these reverse pyramid sheets  you need to cut out the white centre before layering them up
You will see from this picture how I choose to cut the centre out
I find it easier to use a craft knife and cut from near the outside in to the middle going all around the circle

Here you can see I snipped away the inner part this makes it easier to get the scissors in and doesn't crease your paper / card  then you just cut around the edge of the white circle on all 5 pieces
if you prefer you can just use a craft knife and cut around the edge of the circle  - If I do that sometimes I find I slip a bit with the knife and end up cutting where I don't want to.

After cutting out all the white circles I added foam pads to the back and layered them
You will see when you print out the sheet there are numbers under the parts
you stick
 6 on to 5,   5 on to 4,  4 on to 3,  3 on to 2,  and 2 on to 1

The finished card


Rujam said...

Glad you explained about the reverse pyramid. I wasn't sure how to do it. Ruth