Saturday, 10 September 2011

Glass painted Tiger

I haven't had much time to do any crafting for myself lately but one of the things I have done is this

I really like Tigers and have a favourite image of one in tribal flames
it's the sort of design I would like to have on the front of  a car IF I had the right sort of car to put  it on

I decided instead that I would glass paint the image and have it in a picture frame
It took two attempts - for now I have just put it on a clip frame back until I find the right frame for it

I used solvent based glass paints for this project and just added a gold peel off border to take the plainness off the clip frame until I find the frame I want to put it in 


veecee said...

This is just sooooo powerful an image! Please, where did you find the tribal flames to surround the tiger?
Have looked at the cd of tigers you mentioned but the flames were not on that. Did you use one of the cd's images and 'draw' the flames yourself.
Would love to have a go at doing one similar.

Janet said...

Hi veecee
The image I used was a tattoo image of all things! it was one I came across quite a while ago - not being a fan of tattoos I thought it would look better glass painted